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    <> <> THIRTEEN, 13 <> <> WHITE FEMALE <> <> GROVYLE <> <>

    <> <> PERSONALITY <> <>
    Spry young Zoey is quite the misfit in her neck of the woods, living in the western exurban foothills of Viridian City. Constantly ruffling the feathers of both her peers and neighbors, the girl's reputation has caused both herself and her family grief. Fortunately, her mother planned for her the perfect method for her to learn some responsibility and to grow up quickly. Zoey has always been a mischievous child around town, having a thirst for action and adventure and often sought out victims for her practical jokes, traps, and pranks. As a result, Zoey hasn't been the greatest student, despite her surprising intelligence when her interest is properly piqued, but she has turned into quite the athlete, apt to bolt in the opposite direction as soon as someone she pranked recognizes her presence. Her good condition is also thanks to playing various sports with her classmates, only to have over time been ousted from various circles of "friends" for her rough or sometimes even violently competitive behavior. The punishment from her actions and rejection by other children has over the years turned Zoey into a wary person, often uncomfortable or suspicious around others unless she's acting out in front of them.

    Deeper inside Zoey, she is very much an introvert, and while she loves activity, often she must do it on her lonesome as she finds herself too distant from her peers to bridge any meaningful connections with any of them. Her spare time has since either been a time to plot out and prepare new pranks, exploring on her own in the backwoods, or taking to a drawing pad to illustrate various Pokemon species, but particularly her favorites. In fact, she's quite good at her illustrations, but few even know of her artistic talents, as she rarely shares much about herself with anyone, preferring to keep her truer identity more reserved until she can find people who truly wish to be her friends. If she's not acting like a childish goof in front of others, she tends to be shy, avoiding eye contact or just avoiding people all together. Her social isolation has had good effects on her though, for she has a tendency to analyze her surroundings and has thus become a deep thinker. However, for one to pry open the box of this girl's mysterious cognitive flexibility would be a great feat indeed, as Zoey is the guardian of her own persona, and only those who've proven their trustworthiness can learn more about the apprehensive adolescent.

    While she's indeed skittish and struggles with her own personal social barrier, Zoey happens to be quite confident in other areas. She tends to be bold, brazen, and often times blunt, less prone to the bindings of trepidation and often the voice of hurtful but honest criticism of those who accompany her. Unrelenting ambition and a fierce stubborn streak create a competitive attitude within Zoey that's nearly unrivaled, which sometimes causes her to take on a challenge far too great for her and thus suffer the severe consequences. Still, her stamina isn't so easily plowed by the weight of loss. Her resilience, her hatred of failure, and her deeply critical eye tend to act as the force of improvement, constantly driving her forward towards gradual success simply due to her hatred of giving up on something she really wants. As a result, she remains optimistic, even when there's little to feel positive about. Her undying faith in herself can even act as a source of inspiration for others, that is, if they can get past her impish antics and immature tongue.

    Zoey's best attributes are often kept deep inside due to her isolation from other children. Her bluntness masks her greater traits and values, reserved only for those who'd find themselves in particular scenarios. Her bravery and perseverance occasionally act as a sense of inspiration to some, or earns her others' respect. She also carries with her a strong sense of righteousness, and rarely sits still to allow a heinous deed to go unchallenged. This can also get her in a lot of trouble when she's expected to just allow whatever unfolds to occur. Nevertheless, she's by no means perfect, and anyone who knows her that her greatest vice is her selfish inclinations. Generally uninterested in others with good reason, she usually won't lend someone a hand unless they threaten her, bribe her with food, or are experiencing severe life issues at the time. Nothing will get you on her bad side worse than taking her "food" which is often invisibly specified on any non-vegetable in her line of sight, which just might lead to a merciless brawl to claim "her" grub. Even so, those who understand the true Zoey know of her good heart and strong character, even though she can seem childish, cold, or just plain rude.

    <> <> VUOWTH <> <>

    <> POUND
    <> LEER
    <> ABSORB
    <> CRUNCH

    <> <> SAMPLE <> <>
    Kicking up dirt and stone along the less developed roads leading into the city, Zoey tries to make up for lost time. Waking up after noon is certainly not a good way to begin a to-be-trainer's journey, but unfortunately the young girl has an all too strong affection for soft things, namely the pillows and quilts in her bed. On the bright side at least, she got a real good night's rest. Wrapped up in her right hand is a peanut butter sandwich, crumbling away quickly as the teen grinds up the bread and nut butter between her teeth in hasty consumption. After every few bites, she shoves her left into the opening left present, large enough to reach in and pull out what she needs, such as her ice cold water bottle for a few swigs of its hydrating nectar and to wash down her on-the-go snack, but still small enough to keep its other contents from embracing the earthy path that the girl treads quickly across. Despite running at a fairly strong pace, the girl's stamina holds steady from her years of rambunctious youth, although sweat still trickles down her face, the result of her physical exertion combined with the heat of the outdoors.

    Before long, she arrives in the city proper, dirt roads becoming asphalt and concrete and the environment around her transitioning from woods, fields, hills, farms and the occasional cluster of homes to the compact multi-level residential and commercial regions of Viridian's west-side, full of cars zipping around, condominiums of various scales, all sorts of smaller office buildings, the occasional convenient store and strip mall strewn across the urban landscape. Cities were never to Zoey's liking. Maybe it's because she's a country girl having been raised there, but to her the reason seemed all too, well, reason-based. Everything is so tightly compact, people are everywhere, and in her opinion, mass produced construction that results in urbanization of a region all too often paid minimal attention to aesthetics, making most cities an eyesore compared to nature's magic. Fortunately, her destination is just ahead, still speeding along with a map clenched in her right hand where her sandwich used to be, fully devoured long ago. Stopping now and then to traffic and stoplights, her immediate journey sees its end. Up ahead lies the Pokemon Center Plaza, with the Center itself setting itself apart from its neighboring buildings with its unique, artistic architecture resembling a pokeball. From the looks of it, parts of the roof appear as if they'll light up when it gets dark; another feature of urban centers that typically take place at night. Little of the details particularly grab at Zoey though, for her mind is occupied on the whole reason she ran out to this dump of a city. Excitement shoots through her veins, crossing the street at top speed at her earliest opportunity, rushing by and pushing away other pedestrians and trainers on the plaza, preparing to cross the finish line of her initiation as a trainer. Getting her starter naturally becomes the focus of her building joy. Hopefully, she can get the starter Pokemon she's always wanted as a kid: the cute little fire lizard known as Charmander.

    Plowing through the glass doors of Viridian's Pokemon Center, the girl nearly stumbles on the cold surface of the Center's lobby, but catches her fall with her right hand, pulling herself to a balanced stop in the end just a few meters short of the counter where lines of trainers stand, waiting to admit or pick-up their Pokemon from the center's nurses. After taking in her surroundings, marveling briefly at the interior design of the lobby, her head jerks in every which direction furiously, looking for... well, someone that she's supposed to meet. Who was she exactly? Shouldn't she be getting her starter in Pallet Town? What's going on here!? Lost in her meandering thoughts, she quickly is enveloped by a sense of panic, uncertain as to what to do. Didn't mother tell her to meet... whoever, at this Pokemon center? For the life of her, the identity of who she's to meet in order to receive her starter remains elusive from her mind. The only possible solution the young teen can conjure up involves interacting with the nurses to inquire about from who and where she can receive her starter. Perhaps other trainers in the Center would know, but the possibility of their awareness of these facts is irrelevant to Zoey. Instead, she finds one of the lobby's chairs not to close to any one person, happening to sit aside a small table with various magazines piled atop it. Curiosity sets in, as the girl reaches for the most recent edition of "Journey" magazine, a monthly publication dedicated to everything trainer, including Pokemon health, battle strategies, the latest gadgets, and anything else a trainer would want to know about to better their game. Naturally, Zoey enthusiastically gleans through the articles of the magazine, her eyes caught up in an article regarding the region's champion in an interview with Journey journalists about the champ's successes, failings, and advice for other trainers.

    "Zoey? My, I was worried you wouldn't show up!" utters a friendly voice in relief, identifying the adolescent in the lobby as her eyes wander the pages of the magazine in her hands.

    The girl's gaze lifts upward, catching sight of a long haired woman dressed in, according to Zoey's critical eye, a pretty ugly looking white lab coat. Not that one lab coat looks much different from another. They're all hideous. Zoey decides at that moment that a career in science is permanently written off if she has to subject herself to such atrocious garments. Still, Zoey didn't stay lost in her thoughts for very long, acknowledging the woman by meeting her gaze with her own. However, the girl's head slowly drifts downward, suddenly intimidated by the presence of the Professor before her. Embarrassed by her late arrival, her head rotates to the teen's own lower right, a slight frown developing across her face. Building anxiety prompts the clutching of the young girl's arms to her pink bag, hugging it tightly to her body while socially withdrawing from the percolating scenario.

    "U-uhm..." the girl squeaks softly, trying to respond to the Professor but finds herself in a perturbed state, barely able to return a response. "Uh... I'm Zoey..."

    "I see! Nice to meet you then!" the Professor perks up warmly, approaching the sitting girl and smiling in her direction as she extends her arm out to interact with the teen's. "Are you ready to meet your first Pokemon?"

    The Professors hospitable demeanor eases and drops off the girl's previously rising anxiety, shifting her head upward and losing her frown for a slight smile over the though of receiving her first Pokemon. Her hand meets the older woman's, putting aside the magazine she was reading and clutching her pink bag with her left as she lifts herself out of her seat with a little help from the Professor.

    "Uh, yes, ma'am," the girl chirps in a more pronounced tone, a scant amount of enthusiasm in her voice.

    "Great! Follow me and we'll introduce you with your new partner!" the academic woman affirms her younger acquaintance, both of them heading down a hallway past the lobby towards a smaller corridor full of chairs and tables and decorated with a few vases of freshly plucked flowers.

    "I'll have you know, however, that since you arrived late, a lot of the starters I had available have been procured by other youngsters like yourself who passed by here earlier. This may mean that you-"

    "Wait, are you saying the Pokemon I signed up for isn't available!?" interrupts the young girl, her voice shooting up several decibels in evident angst. "Did someone claim Charmander!?"

    "Er, well... First of all I didn't even have any of the base starters to begin with. Didn't you know this already?" inquires the concerning older woman, taken back by the girl's apparent ignorance. "You should've known earlier that the starters we had available are all first-stage evolutions of the traditional starter Pokemon. Didn't your mother tell you about this?"

    "Huh? Well, no..." clarifies the adolescent, her gaze dropping downward along with her smile, disappointed in the news. "She never tells me what's most important. ...D-dammit!"

    In a fit of building frustrating, the young girl accidentally blurts out an expletive, and right in front of such an important woman too! At least, that is, until the girl receives her starter Pokemon. After that, anything to do with this "Professor" would be the least of her worries. For the moment, however, her slip of the tongue only piles on further anxiety upon the young woman's small, still developing frame. The Professor's response to her foul language goes as predicted, her face contorting in slight disgust towards the teenager.

    "Watch your mouth! If you hope to be a respectable trainer some day, you better learn proper restraint! You wont gain anyone's good graces with such language coming from your mouth!" scolds the Professor, berating the already upset young girl, looking away from her lecturer in distress, responding in a depressed tone with just a slight air of irritation in her voice, all too accustomed to the reprimanding she's received all throughout her life by "authority". "Sorry..."

    Sighing in retaliation to her younger acquaintance's snarky attitude, she regains her composure, maintaining professionalism by reaching over to a mostly empty tray with only 5 pokeballs remaining. "Well... As I was saying, all I have to offer budding trainers are the first-stage evolutions of the typical starters issued by professors. As for you, I-"

    Interrupted again by an impatient Zoey, all too eager to lay her hands upon the container of her first ever Pokemon as a trainer, startles the socially resilient Pokemon scientist by inquiring abruptly, "So then I'll get charmeleon instead? I'd like that one please!"

    "Erm... Well, a trainer earlier picked up charmeleon and he also signed up to receive that starter just as you did. It's first come, first serve afterall!" she clarifies in a forced upbeat tone in hopes of raising Zoey's doused spirits as evidenced by the girl's rapid fluctuation of the teen's smile to a distraught frown.

    The young woman finds herself slumping her body against the wall in support, looking down as disappointment sets in, deeply upset by the unavailability of the starter she'd always wanted to initiate her adventures with. Moments later, the girl's lips begin to quiver, locked tightly to each other to mute any utterances of discontent that might fight its way into audible airspace, her eyelids drooping to hide the emotion welling up in her eyes, keeping them open just slightly. She remains unresponsive, lost in depression over the recent revelation. Noticing the severe decline in the teen's visage, the Professor attempts to save the circumstance before the young girl's distressed emotions begin to set in permanently, or worse.

    "Oh, it's alright! I'm sure you can find a wild charmander if you put your mind to it! And look! There are still 5 wonderful Pokemon here available to you, waiting for a trainer to claim them and make a new friend!" reaffirms the older woman, attempting to redirect the younger woman's train of thought and to boost her spirits.

    Zoey's reaction is delayed, taking several seconds after the Professor's short speech to shift her glance upwards, eyeing the tray, but avoiding eye contact, her expression still saturated with anguish. Nonetheless, the woman manages to grab some of the young to-be-trainer's much desired attention. Smiling towards the aspiring trainer in order to comfort her, the woman's attempt to relieve Zoey's deep seeded disappointment falls short of making its mark. With no luck, she shifts her glance to the tray, spotting the pokeballs scattered across its surface. Her hands reach for the shiny balls, glancing over them all carefully before identifying the one she was looking for, picking it up and lifting herself up, turning towards the depressed young girl before approaching her carefully.

    "I'm sure you'll find a great companion in one of these balls! Take a look at this one! I think you'll like what's inside," the woman extends her right hand, leaning slightly in the direction of the young girl with a shrunken pokeball firmly planted the palm of the Professor's outreaching hand.

    Hesitantly, Zoey examines the hand of the woman, her drooping eyes fixated on the pokeball in her hand, gleaming in the artificial light from the ceiling. After a few moments, she slowly extends her own right hand, ignoring the smile upon the Professor's face in contrast with the scientist's goals to salvage the young girl's mood. Scooping the single pokeball into her own palm, her eyes scan the miniature device with great suspicion for several seconds, her mind too heavily weighed down by her disappointment in not obtaining her first choice of a starter.

    "Go on, see what's inside!" encourages the Professor, egging on the young teen in another attempt to alleviate Zoey's depression.

    In a delayed response, Zoey removes her body from the wall, standing upright while rolling the red and white ball in her hands until she identifies the release capsule, redirecting herself towards the open hallway, aiming the pokeball's release capsule towards the ground before pressing it, unleashing a brilliant red flash that quickly takes the shape of a bipedal creature. In mere seconds, the creature within materializes, revealing its emerald scales, cherry red belly, strange leaf appendages, and its fierce golden eyes. A reptilian Pokemon for sure, although an odd one in that it lacks a tail, substituted instead for two leaves jutting out of its lower back. What appears is none other than the deep forest predator extraordinaire, the reptilian jungle assassin known to humans as grovyle. It's cunning eyes zip across the area in quick, almost instantaneous motions, examining its new environment outside of its pokeball, moving about slightly and sniffing the ground in curiosity, cocking its head every which way in an investigative manner. Zoey's eyes widen slightly in interest, noticing the sharp claws and the occasional glimpses of the creature's impressive fangs as they reveal themselves due to the creature's occasional hissing into the air. Inevitably, the creature recognizes an anomaly in its presence, shifting its piercing golden glare to the small girl before it. Tilting its head to the left and right in an analytical manner, it approaches the girl slowly, hissing and flailing its tongue as it closes in on the young teen's space. Her expression grows ever more nervous, an awkward smile developing on her face while her eyes expand in percolating uneasiness as the creature gets far too close to Zoey for her own comfort. As terror begins to build, her glance shifts to her right towards the Professor, looking upon her in earnest, worrisome fashion.

    "Oh, don't worry! Grovyle is plenty friendly! It's just scoping you out! Think of it as... oh, yes! Think of it as Grovyle introducing itself to you! I'm sure you'll befrie- Oh!" reacts the Professor before a loud yelp is heard from the young girl in shock, interrupting the scientist's attempt at reassurance as the green lizard lunges at Zoey, smashing its clawed foot into the Center's wall which also causes her to drop the Pokemon's pokeball, the one method necessary to easily restrain the rampaging creature.

    Zoey, ducking the creature's savage assault, scrambles out from under it only to get caught by Grovyle's quick reflexes, her right leg slammed hard onto the floor by the grass-type's Pound attack. Screaming in pain, her screech is heard down the hall in the lobby, grabbing everyone's attention with mixed reactions. Realizing the severity of the situation due to some important details the woman deliberately withheld from the girl in order to prevent Zoey's depression from prolonging, the Professor grimaces in horror, rushing towards the scene of conflict, squatting down towards the ground, scooping up the pokeball in order to temporarily tame the savage lizard from wreaking further havoc, damage she would surely have to answer for if the crisis continues. Meanwhile, the grass-type squeals into the air, planting its left foot firmly into the squirming adolescent's spine as it howls towards the heavens, celebrating a successful conquest. Returning its focus to the girl under foot, Grovyle hisses aggressively, its maw wide open as saliva sprays out of its mouth, baring its fierce, knife-like fangs as if it is hungry, and perhaps, even about to use them, an unusual attack if so for the grovyle species. However, the grass-type's assault is cut short, its body turning red and intangible as it is sucked into the capsule that acts as its home. With the creature restrained within the technological marvel, the Professor rushes to the young woman's side, reaching for her sides in order to help her up.

    "I'm so sorry! Are you alright!?" infers the woman, concerned over the girl's well being.

    Coughing several times, Zoey thrusts herself onto her knees, sitting up and recomposing herself, the Professor's hand placed softly on Zoey's side in order to help relieve her. "Uhm... I think so..."

    "Oh, good! I don't know what's gotten into Grovyle... I've never seen it act towards people in such a hostile manner. I'm sorry... Perhaps Grovyle isn't ready yet..." she sighs in concern, looking down upon the pokeball, contemplating the future of the violent creature before lifting herself to her feet, glancing over to the tray of other pokeballs before heading towards it to deposit Grovyle's pokeball. "Now then, in that case, perhaps something else you'll find appropriate as your partner. How about combusken or pignite? They're also fire-types, just like charmeleon! Or perhaps you'd like to see prinplup? Bayleef might be more to your liking too! It's a grass-type, very docile, and very easy to raise for new trainers! How about it? Do any of these sound suitable to you?"

    Unresponsive, Zoey silently sits, head tilted towards her knees, lost in thought with her left hand rubbing her back in order to relieve her pain dealt by her earlier green assailant. Mulling over her choices with a clearer mind, she finds her feet but remains facing away from the woman, slumping her shoulders somewhat before leaning against the wall once again, depression returning to occupy the corners of her conscience.

    "I don't really like any of them... Charmeleon is... gone... I'm not happy with any of them..." she utters, a little choked up in her response as sorrow takes hold despite her best efforts to sort out a positive outcome. "I wonder what stupid bastard took charmeleon anyway. If I find them I'm going to beat them up to a bloody pulp! What a jackass!"

    "Uhm... Well, I'm sorry, but..." the Professor declares before cutting herself short, identifying the insensitivity of her potential remarks towards the distraught young woman. "I don't mind sticking around and helping you to make your selection! I can give you insightful pointers on a good choice based on your preferences if you'd like. Just let me know!"

    Staying silent, the girl's slumped shoulder hugs the wall, her downward gaze eyeing the captivating floor pattern as thoughts circulate throughout her brain, attempting to push through her gloomy state of affairs and make her selection as to her first Pokemon partner. A goofy looking farm bird, an ugly arctic bird, an even uglier fat pig, which may or may not be redundant, some sort of dopey, herpy-derpy looking dinosaur-like herbivore that smells funny, or that deranged bipedal lizard that almost bit off her head earlier are the girl's unfortunate choices. The only creatures that end up of any interest to the teen are the two grass-types. Birds just aren't her thing, unless perhaps they're birds of prey, of which a farm animal hardly qualifies as such, and as far as she's aware, the diet of the Prinplup Family, while consisting of various sea critters, doesn't bring them into the same class as creatures like noctowl, pidgeot, or braviary which just so happens to be one of her favorite bird Pokemon. The pig doesn't even need consideration. It's just gross and ugly. Stinky too, probably, and it'll probably just act as unwanted competition for food, a truly unforgivable act with Zoey present. Herpaderpasaurus doesn't catch her eye as all too interesting, but it would certainly be more docile compared to Rip-your-face-off-saurus Rex. Her thoughts then shoot back towards the green reptile exposed to her earlier, internalizing her analysis of the grass-type.

    "Come to think of it, charmeleon and grovyle are both predatory reptiles. Both are of the same species families, sharing both the Monster and Dragon, the second one being key, breeding classes. While charmeleon's supposed ancestry shares close links with past dragons, and charizard even resembles one, I do know that grovyle's line isn't far off either. Still, that thing seemed like it wanted to kill me... But still... I don't think I could be happy if I chose any of the others..." reasons out the young girl, identifying important factors in her decision making process.

    "Well, uh, would you like to tell me some of the thi-" brainstorms aloud the Professor in an attempt to aid along the selection for Zoey's starter, only to find her question cut short by the girl making her proclamation, shifting her stance upright. "I think I'll choose grovyle."

    "Oh, well uh... Are you -sure- about that? It -did- try to attack you. Even a professional would have trouble tempering such an agitated creature..." notifies the Professor to the adolescent, ensuring that the trainer-to-be is making a proper judgment in selecting the violent monster from earlier.

    Shifting her position around to address the scientist directly, hesitating to meet her gaze head on but gradually doing so over the course of her statement, she nonetheless justifies her decision to Professor Pine. "Well, I don't really like the others... and... grovyle is pretty similar to charmeleon in terms of their shared heritage. I think I would regret choosing one of the other four in the long run, so... I think grovyle is the only choice I wouldn't regret later on. I'm not sure how I can make it more friendly towards me, but I think I can handle it."

    "Is that so? Well... If you say so," recognizes the Professor, reaching into her pockets to extract a cluster of pokeballs and a League-certified pokedex, all while Zoey approaches the table with the tray atop it.

    "Since you were late earlier, I had the opportunity to register you into the region's Pokemon League. Your ID and other miscellaneous trainer information will be stored within this nifty all purpose device. Make sure you memorize your league ID number for if you lose your pokedex, you'll need your ID number to register for League events instead and also to obtain a replacement pokedex," the Professor informs the newly minted trainer before shifting her attention to the pile of pokeballs and the tray beside her before continuing. "These are 5 pokeballs I'll gift you so that you can practice catching Pokemon in the surrounding countryside. I hope you're ready for your adventure! Congratulations!"

    Smiling shyly in response, Zoey looks away as her cheeks redden as a response to the Professor's recognition of the girl's important milestone in life, responding softly so as to not draw too much more attention to herself. "Uh... thanks..."

    Recalling where she last placed Grovyle's pokeball, she scoops it up alongside the pile of empty pokeballs and piles them carefully atop Zoey's glistening white Pokedex. The woman's gaze looks up towards the now rookie trainer, beaming towards the girl in joy over the young woman's beginning as a trainer. Blushing even brighter now, Zoey quickly takes the pokedex and the balls from the Professor's hands, dumping them into her pink sack before zipping it up.

    "Well now," the older woman states as she stands upright once again. "Again congratulations on obtaining your new partner! Have fun on your journey and stay out of trouble! Good luck with Grovyle!"

    Sending her off, Zoey is all too willing to oblige, taking off without even saying a word, instead tossing her right arm into the air, waving it as she signifies her departure and the start of an ambitious, new adventure. This time, it's for real, not some childish make-believe in the back woods. No, this is the start of REAL adventure. A mighty journey of many trials and challenges are sure to await her, but nonetheless, if anyone is to overcome them, Zoey's the perfect girl for the job. She would become a fierce and respected trainer across the land, a true master of the art and science of Pokemon combat. This it it; the unfolding of a bold saga, as the road to the Pokemon League begins now. No doubt, she will have to be at her best to compete with the world's finest in a winner-take-all tournament. She won't back down, not for anyone. Nothing will stand in the way of her ultimate goal. Her legend begins now.

    "This is it..." affirms Zoey to herself, departing the Center's glass doors and embarking on the journey of a lifetime.

    First things first, she'll have to find her way out of this dump of a metropolis and find her way to the proper route that'll take her in the direction of her first gym challenge in an attempt to wrest control of it's gym's coveted badge, certified by the Pokemon League as one of eight keys necessary to compete in the greatest tournament in the region.

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