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I'm starting to like this topic, haha.

Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
The only reason you can freely trade between BW and B2W2 is because they're part of the same generation.

True, that could be said of FRLG and RSE as well, but considering the RSE Pokémon already exist during the time of FRLG, I'd say they're concomitant.
Free trading and battling is free trading and battling no matter how you look at it. Why not have another time capsule-like thing instead or something like that explained for battling? Allowing players two years apart(literally) to trade as if there is no time difference pretty much shows that it probably doesn't really mean anything other than, yet again, retconning things.

Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
That's an interesting argument, but RSE can't be after DPP because of all the new moves and evolutions that are in DPP but aren't in RSE. Unless, of course, they remake RSE. I might be inclined to think RSE happens in-between FRLG and HGSS, but never between the two Unova games.
The same argument can be said about Steel and Dark types being discovered in Gen II(which is after Gen III according to some of you), yet we have both of those types available in Gen III quite normally.

Btw, I'm not saying they have to be inbetween the Unova games, I'm saying that there are also things that go against it happening simultaneously with Gen I.

Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
In GSC the new Johto Pokémon are referred to as "newly found", although FRLG screwed up the logic by introducing Johto Pokémon in the Sevii Islands.

If RSE happened during 5th gen, there would certainly be Pokémon not indigenous to Hoenn that were introduced later in the series, such as Sinnoh and Unova Pokémon. Again, a remake can fix that, but the fact FRLG, which is the very first game chronologically, can trade with RSE without the machine being labeled a "time machine" as it was in GSC, to me may not be conclusive proof, but it points in the direction of FRLG and RSE being simultaneous.
That whole trading thing doesn't necessarily mean a thing and is more of a game mechanic than a plot point because B2W2 is free of using such a mechanic to communicate with BW, despite the former happening two years later.

Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
Also there are the Orbs in HGSS which allow you to harness the power of the Weather Trio, it's pretty unlikely Mr. Pokémon would be in possession of such items allowing a trainer to summon those Pokémon before Team Magma/Aqua even could. Finally, the Jade Orb, to call Rayquaza, didn't even exist in RSE, it could have been discovered later on.

And remember that in Emerald, which is the true canon for Hoenn (as B2W2 demonstrates), the protagonist does NOT catch any of the Weather Trio during the storyline, making them available for Ethan/Lyra in HGSS.
Aren't you only able to capture them after the main story in HGSS as well? IIRC, you need Rock Climb which is gotten after you beat Blue(which is after the main storyline). The orbs being with Mr. Pokemon could simply be used as a means to obtain Groudon and Kyogre in Gen IV for all we know.

Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
Very slim chance. I haven't played B2W2 but I've seen videos of those NPCs and IMO you're seeing only what you want to see here. BW also makes mention of the Go-Goggles. It was probably just a nod to Hoenn (like pretty much everything Hoenn-related in B2W2).

Sincerely though, I think Cyrus was infinitely more dangerous than Archie/Maxie, so his actions would leave a much bigger impression, enough to be known by Team Plasma. The Team Plasma Grunts also don't make mention of Team Rocket, whose actions are way more "down to earth" and, therefore, more likely to be believed and known by ordinary people.
A Team Plasma Grunt referenced both Galactic and Rocket as 'drawing too much attention to themselves' in BW. Team Magma and Aqua definitely also made their appearance known, especially with the chaos they unleashed on the weather, so why are they all of a sudden exempt from something like that? I'm not arguing that they were doing worse things than Galactic but they were definitely doing something that would've done much more damage than the Rockets were doing had we not helped to stop it.

I've actually played B2W2 so trust me, it isn't me just seeing what I want to. Why do the Aqua/Magma grunts randomly appear in B2W2 with no mention of the teams in BW? Coincidence or not, we can't really be sure but it could point in a different direction than everyone is believing as well.

The Go Goggles have little to do with proving anything about the plot because we'd need them to enter the desert in Hoenn anyways.

Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
Well I'm pretty sure Bulbapedia put it there for a reason. The reason is that, to date, the place most plausible to fit RSE is during the events of FRLG. There's way more proof of that than there is proof of Hoenn happening between BW and B2W2 (in fact, there's no proof of the latter).
I wasn't saying that there is proof of them happening between the two, I was showing that they could have happened between the two because of what I pointed out. Where is this proof of Gen I and III happening simultaneously? Most of the stuff pointed out has next to nothing to do with the plots themselves.

Looks to me like you're trying to see only what you want to see as well then.

Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
As far as how they can be linked, as stated before in the other threads where this came up, both Bill and Lanette have made references to working with one another and Bill and Celio both said that they were working with Lanette to create a Link to Hoenn in FR/LG.

The original Email sent to Lanette said that Bill and Lanette created the storage unit together, to which Lanette upgraded her regions and later Kanto's due to link up. Bebe designed her version of the Storage unit well after Lanette and Bill so Sinnoh didn't have a storage unit for trainers until after the events of Gens 1 and 3.
Does the ability to trade really have anything to do with the main plots happening together? So they've known each other a while, not a big deal really. Bebe also developing her storage unit after Bill and Lanette's models could also mean just that, it's based off of them. There is no real indication of the time all of them are developed(correct me if I'm wrong).

Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
The bit with Team Plasma in regards to other teams. This is all opinion based. Magma/Aqua aren't note worthy at all. They didn't have world domination goals like Rocket, Plasma, or Galactic had. They weren't trafficing people and Pokemon for their own personal goals go the level that Rocket, Plasma, or Galactic were. By comparison, Aqua and Magma were petty small time thugs with no real ambition. Look how easily they gave up after coming inches upon reaching their goal all because the legend they had was a little stronger than that thought they were.

They weren't worth mentioning in either B/W or B2W2 (which other than the grunts, they still weren't mentioned at all by the evil team that was emulating the other two)
It is opinion based, yet they aren't noteworthy...yeah, makes total sense.

It's not as much about world domination as it is about being noticeable, as mentioned when the Plasma Grunt says Rocket and Galactic had 'drawn too much attention to themselves'. So you're saying that Magma and Aqua's actions didn't draw quite the attention to themselves? I really disagree there.
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