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    Almost all of my 9 year old brother and his friends use Starter / Unfezant / Cobalion / Terrakion / Virizion literally just because it was a "cool legendary" and "easy to catch."

    I hope that the legendary capture "puzzles" are more like the Regis, that was fun and hard. :3 I actually felt like a caught a legendary creature instead of a interactable Pokemon that was basically just presented to me!

    I also hope that they don't pull a "buy this extra game called Dream Radar to get new formes!" because it's a hassle to get $3 on the 3DS for it. (took a while for it to work on my brother's)

    I also really liked how in BW2, you weren't given the option of capturing the mascot as part of the main storyline. Since I knew that it was catchable somewhere, I actually had to go and figure out how to get it, which was nice. :3

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