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    Your spriting skills have come quite a far way!

    Ash looks much better now that his legs aren't broken! (Just teasing)

    I agree with Atomic on Jessie's hair. It just has a weird hiccup in the flow on the left side. As for Misty, it does not look bad, but I think Atomic is right, you could probably give her a bit of a hair cut... it's just a bit busy is all.

    The new Froakie looks great, of course. The only thing that is bothering me is the black pixels (that I highlighted in red).

    The upper one I think looks more congruent with your shading in the gray, while the other two, I'm not sure of... the bottom left pixel makes that edge look to sharp, and the one to the upper right of it seems to out of place as a black pixel. I tried the gray... but I'm not sure if I liked that any better... so I guess that's your call (Then again, who am I to say what you should or shouldn't do... the old-fashioned spriter I am )

    Regardless, I'm so glad (and proud) to see that you're still spriting and have become quite accomplished! I'm very impressed that you have stock with your Kanto OW project, and have progressively made them better and better! You have far exceeded my level of spriting! I might have to whip a little something up, since I'm being put on the shelf by some of these newer folks, and you
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