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    chapter one; FRIENDS AND RIVALS
    Trey Vincent//Route Two

    The early morning had vanished, the bright sun that hung high up in the sky burned away the last remnants of the the morning mist that blanketed the earth. Route Two was easily traversable, making it an ideal road to take for beginners. It was flat and grassy, only a few roads cutting through the grasslands. A truck drove by the lone trainer and Croconaw, it seemed to be holding medical supplies of some kind from the city. Was there a Pokemon center up ahead? It had been so long since Trey had been here he wasn't sure how much had changed.

    "Zilla! I'm hungry, how 'bout we stop for a snack?" The newly nicknamed Croconaw happily ran over to a hill a little ways away, eager to get a bite to eat. Stepping at the top of the hill, he had a marvelous view of the entire route up ahead. He decided to capitalize on it and take a nice picture, they weren't even officially on Route Two yet. He admired the picture he took for a little before shrugging of his bag and taking a seat next to an oddly shaped rock which Zilla claimed as his throne.

    He lifted the red piece of technology Professor Pine had given to him, the Pokedex. Tapping open the front face upward, he saw the monitor come alive and almost instantly bring up a profile on Croconaw. It displayed its current statistics, the tank of a water type was at level 10. He had a long way to go before becoming a full fledged beast. After swinging on his bag, he munched on a bag of oreos he brought out and gave another to Zilla. He hoped chocolate wouldn’t upset his stomach, then again he wasn't a dog. The two ate quietly. Trey didn’t have anything to say to the Pokémon and he seemed perfectly content about it. Instead, the boy examined the route up ahead and wondered what other beauties the world had to offer. At that moment, Zilla's tail twitched and he looked towards the left. Trey looked too and was surprised to see a periwinkle form. Darker blue triangles littered its body. Her triangular ears were rounded-like, erect and forward. The shorter horn typical of the female version of the species moved about as her red eyes scanned the area.

    “That’s a female Nidoran.” Trey said. Nidoran made sporadic appearances in Viridian City, but much less than Rattata and Pidgey. Much like the Rattata, however, the farmers claimed it a pest if not worse. Did they really expect wild Pokémon to not invade their fields for easy food? Any creature in their right mind would see that as an opportunity. Giving a smile, he brought up Nidoran's profile and its vitals were displayed. “This displays all of its attacks, its level and basic stats. This is amazing.” The creature didn’t move except for the occasional twitch of the nose and shifting of ears. Trey tapped Zilla on the shoulder and smiled broadly. “Put the oreos down man, this will be an easy catch for us , especially when its this wide open.” Cautiously, they began to ease closer.

    He slowly began to stand upright until he stood tall, "Aqua Jet!" Zilla sneered and was engulfed in a sphere of crystal blue water before blasting off towards the tiny Poison type. The creature stared at the incoming Zilla with those big red eyes of innocence before zipping out of the way just in time. It may have been a trick of the eye, but Trey swore she narrowed those red eyes and…smirked? Did that thing actually smirk? “That’s just weird.” The Pokémon wasn’t staring at him entirely, but past him. Feeling another presence, Trey slowly turned to what held the Pokémon’s attention. That smirk turned into a full-blown sneer. Trey finally identified the bad feeling from earlier. He’d been had.

    "NIDO!" The rock Zilla had been sitting on earlier was no rock. The beastly form uncurled itself and hefted itself up to its monstrous legs, "QUEEN!!!" The roar from the gigantic final evolution shook Trey's very bones. The tiny female Nidoran had quietly and quickly made her escape while Trey was left to deal with its mother.

    "Shi-" Trey was interrupted by a giant fist breaking a nearby boulder. "We're out of here Zilla!" The boy dashed by and grabbed the water type by the arm, the Nidoqueen stomping its way over to them. It wasn't very fast, but neither were the fourteen year old boy and three foot tall water type. With one stomp to the ground, the very earth beneath them began to tear apart like a piece of paper. "Holy crap, its Earthquake. I ain't trynna die out here man! Zilla, Aqua Jet us the hell outta here!!" Trey had hoped that year on the Swim Team really payed off as he held his breathe and threw his body onto the Croconaw who almost instantly burst from where it once stood and down the hill away from the exploding hillside.

    It was hopeless. They weren’t going to find that Pokémon in such a wide-open space. They had been looking for about an hour now, at first it began as a simple quest to capture a nice Poison type to use in the future against any grass types that dare to tangle with Zilla, but now it was an epic mission to reclaim his pride and a test of his manhood. That thing would be lucky if Trey used it as a meatshield against Zubat swarms. Zilla had even gone as far as marking his face with some burned wood to make some war markings. Maybe there had been a fire type around, that sure would be a lot easier than this stupid little thing.

    "Out of the way!!" A trainer riding a bycicle zoomed by with what Trey could only see as being a poisoned Pikachu. "Stupid Nidoran!!" The trainer yelled as he rode away. Could this have been the same Nidoran? Zilla gave a firm nod to his partner as both continued down the road. But it wasn't long until they came across a small moving shape underneath a tree.

    Their perpetrator stepped forward. She planted her clawed feet firmly onto the dusty floor, puffed her chest and held back her head. Her mouth opened and drew back her lips. The bucktooth gleamed slightly in the low light. Obviously, it was prized part of her anatomy. Her large, spiked ears flattened, almost folding over, as she displayed her warning. There she stood. Defiant. Challenging. Smirking. That Nidoran definitely was a haughty one.

    “Lets try to reason with it," Trey gave another glance at the Nidoran who was still waiting and smirking. That stupid smirk. Trey could feel his cheeks heat up with embarrassment and anger. There was no way he was letting that little pest get away. "And by reason with it I mean, A WATERGUN TO THE FACE!" Having heard the trainer's decision, Nidoran gave a great squeal. Just as Zilla stopped his watergun attack there was a sudden charge of purple rodents. A group of male Nidoran behind her suddenly leapt forward, over the female’s head and charged towards them. Zilla darted in one direction and Trey planned to go in another. Several male Nidoran had caught up to him, but he managed to twist away. He made his way over to a large canister that looked to be twice the size of a water heater and scrambled up to the top. It rocked violently, dangerously close to tumbling over, but it held. The thing was metal so it was impossible for them to climb, leaving the rodents to claw and hiss.

    Being stranded on some rusty container was not a great start, not to mention he was separated from Zilla. Preoccupied with watching Zilla evade all the Nidoran on the way up the metal container with him, the trainer failed to notice the shadow lingering above him until it gave a shrill squeal. Trey snapped his head upward to see the female Nidoran diving from above, triumphant smirk in place. “This Pokémon is crazy!” From her angle, she was aiming for Zilla. “Zilla!” Trey alarmingly called as he thrust an arm between the sneaky Nidoran and his Pokémon. Barely did he get his arm lifted when the Nidoran chomped down. Trey made a noise of pain as he flung the creature away. He didn’t have any time to cradle the wound for the impact and shifted weight caused the container to topple over.

    Both crashed onto the wooden floor, Trey landing painfully on her shoulder. Groaning, he shoved himself to a seating position and took in the condition of his forearm. The skin wasn’t punctured, meaning the fangs were dull, but a nice bruise would be expected later from the way it throbbed. Hearing enclosing chitter, he checked about themselves to see many of the male Nidoran converging on them. “Leer, Zilla!” His piercing, menacing eyes were targeted at the pack. Their opponents halted their attacks, trying to look away. “Scratch!” Zilla tore into the pack, bowling them over like pins with his larger bulk. Nidoran had barely managed to open an eye before Zilla rammed his claw into her side with enough force to send her head over end. She hit the floor with an audible thud, but recovered quick enough to evade the next scratch. Putting space between them allowed Nidoran to release her growl, effectively halting Zilla who tried his best to go against the noise. Following the growl, she made another series of noises that several males responded to. Zilla shook his head to clear himself when he heard the growl of three Nidoran who bore upon him with speed too fast for him to counter. On contact the trio sent him into a somersault.

    “Aye, yo! What do you think y'all are doin?!” Trey shouted as he continued to watch the onslaught of quick attacks. They continued mercilessly and his Croconaw was defenseless. He had to do something, Croconaw would surely lose at this rate and if he did, he would be stuck in the service of that crazy Chansey for an unknown length of time. He scanned the area about himself, spotting a piece of rectangular plywood. Taking a fleeting look back to the battle, he saw Zilla breathing heavily and sweating, but was admirably holding his ground. The trio of male Nidoran pivoted, returning for another blow. Running behind them was the female Nidoran. If all four of them struck, Zilla would be out. Trey ran for the plywood. “Heads up!” he shouted as he hurled it in their direction. Catching sight of the projectile, Zilla hopped back a few paces just as the board came crashing down. Timed perfectly, the males smacked into the board painfully. Surprised, the Nidoran skidded to a halt. The missile toppled forward, revealing Zilla who was in inhaling deeply when he managed to hit her with a Water Gun. Though it still packed a punch, this time it had merely caused her to roll backwards. Nidoran go to her feet, growling and glaring at Zilla. He was set for another attack when she suddenly turned tail and ran.

    Trey ran up to him and grabbed the plywood. “These guys are out so you don’t have to think about the Males. Just worry about that female Nidoran,” Trey urgently told him. Giving a nod, he pursued the female Pokémon who had already scaled a pile of fallen debris up a tree. Zilla took the same route, not climbing quite as fast, but getting up there. She zigzagged when the branches allowed it. When she stopped to catch her breath she heard a call and saw Zilla running after her. Making a sound akin to sucking of the teeth, Nidoran scurried off. The poison Pokémon still had a lead on Zilla and she was climbing higher. He had to catch up. Trey's blue eyes scanned for another solution or anything that would be of assistance. There was nothing he could do directly from his position except alert his Pokémon to an awkwardly shifted branch. He hoped the Nidoran would keep moving as he predicted. “Zilla…there, up ahead that narrow space. If you jump you could cut her off!” He looked to where his trainer pointed and saw what he was referring to, but shot him an effective "child please" expression.

    Zilla continued his pursuit, but he was losing precious energy fast. The chase couldn’t go on much longer. Coming across the indicated point he could clear with a jump and cut her off, Zilla decided to take the leap at the last minute. When he noticed the Nidoran was running right into his path and his failure to slow down did realization dawn on him that he misjudged both their speeds. Hearing a whoosh of wind coming from the side, Nidoran paused briefly which proved to be a mistake when the water Pokémon collided with her. Both tumbled from the branches towards a pile of debris below. Reacting quickly, Trey removed Zilla’s ball and recalled him in time. Nidoran was the only one to feel the impact as she slammed into the accumulated debris. Dust rose mightily from the crash. Panicked, Trey ran for the spot and no sooner had he spotted the unmoving creature did he fling an empty ball at it. He couldn’t let her get away. The dazed creature turned red and disappeared into the ball, which began shaking afterwards. Undoubtedly, the Pokémon was fighting to be free of the contraption. But much to Trey's pleasure, it didn't have the energy to do so and was captured after an alarming chime was heard from the Pokeball.

    He had done it.

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