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Originally Posted by molamaxi View Post

I've played through White 2 and wonder whether the Shiny Charm is worth getting?
Is the difference when breeding for shinies noticeable, in comparison to the Masuda Method? I really don't want to waste a lot of time getting one shiny egg.
Also, do you have any tips for other things to do? I've got every badge, beat the elite 4 a couple of times, caught every legendary Pokemon.
The Shiny Charm makes shiny encounters three times as likely. Normally the chance is 1 in 8,192 but with the Shiny Charm it goes up to 1 in 2,730 for wild encounters and 1 in 1,024 for breeding.

When breeding the Masuda Method it's a 1 in 1,366 probability so yeah the Shiny Charm difference pretty noticeable compared to the Masuda Method. It's worth getting if you can get every single Pokemon, and if you're in need of a certain Pokemon check out the Quick Trade Thread in Trade Corner where you're guaranteed to get what you need. Don't even bother about the GTS thanks to the stupid requests there.

And there's loads of things you can do in the post-game too, such as rematches against Colress, N, the Shadow Triad, Hugh and also if you used Memory Link with Black or White, Cheren and Bianca, in which they use their original B/W team based on what starter you chose in that game. There's also Cynthia who can be battled in Undella Town.

You can also take part in even more matches in the Pokemon World Tournament, and also do a tag battle with Cilan, Chili and Cress. You team up with one of the trio against the other two. New areas also open up and you can catch even more Pokemon, as well as transfer Pokemon from your 4th Gen games. There's also the White Treehollow challenge you can do.

Also, you can call Yancy/Curtis with the Dropped Item Xtransceiver sidequest and as a reward after 50 calls she/he will trade you a Pokemon every day, they are all at Level 50 and come with their Hidden Abilities.
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