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warning: this post contains violence and adult themes
Tamor Bellfiend and Auden Radke
Captian's Ship

The world around Tamor crashed and shattered into pieces, which in turn cut into her fragile psyche. A single word echoed in her head, Dwelf. In an instant her mind had simply reverted back to several prior where her and Niolas "practiced" her magic under a white oak tree. He's smile always caught her off-guard, like, he knew it was his secret weapon against her and it never failed to trip her up. Rarely had she managed to resist laughing at his overall aloof behavior... Where was he? Tamor had tried for what seemed like an eternity to solve that question but that day was nothing more than a smudge in her brain. Outwardly her facial appearance was solemn as she stood still with her mouth slightly agape and her eyes transfixed on what it seemed to be the open sea. A scream escaped her mouth as the golden hawk landed gently on her shoulder without warning; he had brought her back to reality. An embarrassed Tamor kept her shaky hands in front of her mouth, it was quite clear that her hands weren't the only things that were shaking.

"Y-you!" With her senses focused Tamor believed that that word had been spoken by him, the robed man, who coincidentally had just passed her. How could he have known what she is, how she's an abomination that even Tella would frown upon. "What did you just say? Why are you hiding your face? Who are you?"

She heard me. A smile crept onto Auden's face as he heard Tamor's voice again, this time asking questions. As he turned to address her he shot a weak wind spell into his hood, blowing it off to finally reveal his face and his sincere smile. "Pardon? Were you talking to me miss?" He was controlling his tone as much as he possible to make his reply to seem as gentle as possible. Tamor's hand flew from her face as she reached from something, anything to grab onto to balance herself. The presence of someone she had known, who knew her, was all too much for her. Not a word departed from her lips as he took a step closer to her, still smiling. "I guess you weren't talking to me." He smirked, raising his hood once again as he began heading towards the stairs that lead under deck. She'll follow me, she definitely will follow me.

He began exploring the lower deck, which he assumed was where he'd be sleeping for this seabound leg. Anticipation washed over his body when he spotted a room that had a closed door. This will work perfectly. Opening the door, it revealed a small room with two single beds lining opposing walls. In the middle of the room under the porthole was a single small table and chair. Quickly leaving the room he turned and began searching the area once again. With more haste in his step he made his way towards the end of the hallway towards a large room. Entering the room he spotted what he was after, a knife. The room he had entered had a few tables in it and some cutlery scattered throughout, most probably the ships galley. Promptly he grabbed the knife and began his way back to the small room he had earlier investigated. Waves of emotions were rolling through him as he rushed back into the small room. He immediately shut the door as he entered and began carving runes throughout the room in hard to see places. There was a huge smile on face as he dropped his hood, taking out the chair from under the table and facing it towards the door. Taking his place in the chair, he sat and began waiting for Tamor's inevitable entrance.

Before she had the chance to regain her composure he was gone from her sight. For once she had neglected how she felt everyone now perceived her and moved quickly towards the staircase that lead below deck. Her avian companion flew from her shoulder, once again he returned to his "duty", if Tamor had a clear mind she would've noticed his instant fear. She hadn't the slightest clue what she would say once she got down there but she had to be sure he was who she thought. Each cautiously taken step felt like it might be her last as she chosen to go into an unknown area alone.

"I know you're down here," mumbled Tamor as she scanned the vicinity. Somehow she hoped he would just announce his presence.

She paused in front of the nearest room where the door was swung wide open. The contents of the room were irrelevant to her search because it didn't contain him. A realization dawned on her every wooden door was partially opened except for one. Tamor knew since she hadn't noticed this right away it was further proof of her incompetence. Right away, Tamor marched over to the door and almost considered knocking but instead inhaled a rather large amount of air before she foolishly yet slowly opened the door. It wasn't her best idea but she had to know if it was really him, if her secret was now known. Her hands pushed against the wood inch by inch until her golden yellow eyes lined up with brown ones.

"I-I-I, how? Why? You," Her words were jumbled much like her thoughts. If anything the appearance of someone from her past was nothing more than trouble.

Standing, Auden bowed at Tamor's entrance, thinking whether or not to answer he questions he spoke, "Why hello Miss Bellfiend, long time no see."

"It can't be... Auden?" Soon she was drawn in by the need to get a closer look until she was less than an arms length away. "How long has it been?"

Slowly he began moving towards the door, keeping the same distance she had left between them. With the skill of an assassin he moved around until he was at he side, and close enough to get to the door in a rush. Tamor raised an eyebrow at his moments but never questioned her safety. "Yes, its me Tamor. It's been 11 years I believe. Have you been well?" Ever so slowly, he continued towards the door, now behind her, though their gazed hadn't been broken.

"You need a haircut, like usual," Tamor laughed a bit, she remembered how much she always wanted to cut it all off. As if they had transported back 11 years Tamor swiped a strain of hair out of his face. "11 years... Wow, where did you go?"

Laughing softly at her comment on his hair he continued on his path towards the door as she swiped a hair off his face. "Yes 11 years is a long time, time has definitely treated you well though." He said as he rose up his left hand to caress her cheek. He was only a step away from being able to shut the door now, almost ready to begin his fun.

"You always were a charmer but at least now you've grown into your body," She smiled at him but she had to make sure he didn't tell anyone that was her top priority. His touch was unexpected; the last man that had touched her that way was Niolas. Despite her blind trust in him she kept her hood up in fear that one of the other members might walk in on them. "Do you still live in Raelus?"

Gradually he removed his hand from her cheek as he took the final step, grabbing the door with his right hand. With a flick of his wrist the door was shut, and with another flick it was locked shut, activating his spell that would make the room soundproof and erase any presence of magic to anyone who was outside the room. "You wouldn't believe how happy I was when I realized it was you when we were at the tower Tamor. I was just thinking that I really needed a toy." He said the words so gently that it almost seemed as if he was complimenting her.

"Toy?" Tamor leaned her head to the left in confusion. "Auden, girls aren't toys. You should know this by now!"

Making a quick slapping motion with his hand, a torrent of air smacked Tamor across the face. “Toy’s don't back chat their owners, Dwelf." He cracked his neck side to side before taking a step towards her.

The pain throbbed as Tamor reeled back from Auden. She held her right hand against the side of her face. Her eyes widen, which were full of fear and disbelief locked onto Auden's. "Why did you do that?"

Ecstasy, pure ecstasy was flowing throughout Auden's body as Tamor's fear full eyes looked back in disbelief. That fear! It has been way too long since I last saw that. "Why?" He said taking another step towards her, "Because you are my toy, and toys don't back chat dwelf." Reaching out he grabbed her head and threw her towards the left wall, pulling her back by her hair just before she hit the wall, allowing her to fall onto the bed. With her hands Tamor tried to lash out at Auden still taken by surprise that he was actually hurting her. They had always been close friends and even though it had been 11 years he had no reason to treat her like this. Carelessly, he batted away Tamor's hand's as the swiped at him, with soft laughter beginning to escape him as he filled with joy. Another slapping motion followed by another torrent of air smacked Tamor across the face, forcing her down on the bed.

"Here's the deal Tamor, I'm a nice owner, and since we were childhood friends I'll give you one wish and keep your secret," Auden's words seemed genuine despite his motives. "In exchange for my generosity you become my toy and never telling anyone about this side of me. Though if you betray my good will, I'll kill you and anyone you tell in the most painful way possible."

It seemed as if Tamor's fate was already sealed there was no way Auden would relinquish his control over her. Had Tella put her in this predicament to test her? She couldn't wrap her mind around this, where was the Auden she once knew? Tamor struggled to sit up right to look her capturer in the eyes. She should've seen it before; his eyes lacked the softness they had before because now they were lifeless. "You-you must protect my life even at the cost of your own..." As a divine magic user Tamor was fairly certain that she could use her regenerative healing abilities to heal her from any injuries he'd inflict upon her. Yet, her tendencies to avoid combat would only slow down the group in the long run. Even with her life her life in immediate danger Tamor couldn't stop thinking about how she wasn't good enough. “What doe-?"

"Done. Now Strip." He cut in before she had a chance to complete her next sentence.

"Never!" Her fingers clutched her robes and pulled them inward toward the center of her body. Tamor was worried that she had agreed to something that was far more than anything she had pictured in her mind.

Picking her up by her hair and pulling her up to his face staring deep into her eyes he once again spoke. "Strip. Toys don't go against what their masters say." He held her there by her hair, awaiting her reply.

"No," Tamor's defiant attitude had flared to life. She wasn't sure what he wanted and she knew that she didn't want to give it to him.

"Tsk." He suddenly pulled her up higher, nearly ripping her hair out, before landing a solid punch to her stomach. She will be a good toy. He threw he head into the wall before flames began to gather in his hand. "Strip. Last chance, you don't want to die right here do you?" There was anger in his voice as the flame grew larger in his hand.

She cried out in pain causing Auden's twisted smile to grow. Defeated she removed her robes, which just left her overly large, plain white t-shirt that flowed down to right above her knees, much to Auden's dismay. "This is all you're getting. Enjoy!"

"Ah, that was a mistake Tamor." He laughed, extinguishing the flame in his hand as he punched her in the face knocking her down. He smirked as he heated up the knifes blade with his magic. "This will hurt a bit."

* * *

Auden stepped back, surveying the damage he had done. Tamor lay huddled and passed out in the corner with a large, burning gash down her back. Auden said no more while he recomposed himself. This exhilaration was exactly what he needed after a month of resisting his sadistic urges.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

The Meta Journey
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