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Originally Posted by Arlo View Post
Umm... no. Sorry. Just... no.

It's not the idea of romance in a game that concerns me - one of the other series I've played for years is Harvest Moon, so I'm fine with romance in a game. But HM stands as a good example of the problem - that's a game that's built around romance (well, and farming, of course). It's a central part of the game and many of the game mechanics exist solely to tie in with romance.

Imagine all of the development time and all of the coding and most importantly, all of the budget that went into the romance in those games.

Now, imagine GF investing all of that time and coding and budget into romance. Where's it all going to come from? They'd only have one choice - to cut something else. They already have fully developed games that don't include romance, so the only possible way they could include it would be to divert the resources from some other part of the game. And I just don't see how that could possibly be worth it.

Thinking about it though does sort of inspire me to play some Harvest Moon...
That doesn't mean that you have to lose stuff though, it might just be something subliminal and extra. I mean, Musicals were something Pokemon games could've gone without and they didn't, so... :x

Originally Posted by jellotime91 View Post
If anything it'll be a comedic reference to love and not a real "date"... These games will never have verified love interests. I'd like to keep it that way, myself.
How do you know they won't, though?

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