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    Hope that the post is edited good enough now? I'm just writing tis ere coz I'm not sure if you see edited messages in your inbox? do you?

    I hope you can answer my edited post soon as I have been waiting for some time now for a reply. If you do reply I will not be on until tomorrow at around 5 o clock but I would appreciate it if you could have a look

    I'm very sorry about this... I really wanted to be in this rp but it's my first one :3 hope I can join and start where I left off! Also my keyboard is a bit broken so there may be a few spelling mistakes

    Name: Nath

    Age (15+): 14 3/4

    Gender: male

    Appearance: blue shaggy hair, wears a yellow body warmer over a black long sleeved jumper. Wears worn out pants and has blue trainers. is eyes are dark blue and his nose is smallish. He has a hat he doesn't often wear but it is very much like Red's, except it is yellow. I'll have a picture up soon or you could look yourself on google. the link is :
    yes its a digimon character, but It looks exactly how I want. This sould give you a perfect idea of what Nat looks like

    Personality: He is very shy but loves pokemon. He doesn't usually get along with other males as he feels intimidated by them. He prefers to keep all of his pokemon out of his pokeballs, and usually gives them nicknames, although he quite often forgets them. He quite often gets lost in thought and has to be woken up by another being, human or pokemon. He loves learning new things, like strategies, and tries to help the best he can. He is ashamed of his parents, and wants to show them that there is no point in being evil, but he doesnt know what they look like. He really wants to start an adventure so he lies about his age a lot in order to find his destiny

    History: From a kid he allways loved pokemon. He once had an encounter with Team Rocket, but nothing serious happened. He once had a friend growlithe who he spent is life with, but losing him age 11 to Team Galactic, not knowing where he was anymore. He had allways dreamed of becoming a pokemon breeder or co-ordinater, and was allways top in his class when it came to strategies. His family consisted of 3 team galactic members, and 2 team rocket members - his mum and dad. He never really saw his mum and dad and was adopted at the age of 3 and taken to Twinleaf town to start his life.
    From birth he allways struggled with things, and allways learned them a long time after everyone else. He learned to walk at 4 years old and to speak at 5. His learning was slow, but later on things got a bit different and he started to outwit is foster parents wit simple remarks like 'I don't see you doing anything' which was different for him. He was allways bottom set in class, but cleverest in that bottom set, which made him feel great, and inspired him to become a breeder. He had hatched many eggs before for other trainers as a small job, and got little money for doing so. He was a big fan of Dawn, top co-ordinater and loved watching her at the wallace cup every year. The only time the wallace cup came to sinnoh was when Nath was 10. This also inspired him to be better than Dawn at co-ordinating. Altough he has a task, he still wanted to chase his dreams

    Pokemon: Tyrouge | lv 5 | steadfast ability | tackle+ growl | Male

    I was wondering, when/if I join, could I maybe get to Jubilife after you defeat Ivy,then realize I've been left behind or something? Either way it would be good so you guys don't have to wait for me and I can go slowly.?

    Man I can't work out how to put pictures on the post... If someone could tell me that wouldbe great coz I got the perfect picture for my charector