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Originally Posted by GreatTornado View Post
Maybe they could have a modern day cemetery theme going on. Think an outdoor setting on a hill, and you can tap A on a coffin and it will bring up (on the top screen) a montage of that Pokemon's life. And after you view one (Maybe the player's mom's favorite pokemon?) the person who owned the deceased pokemon's life you just viewed will give you a ghost scanner which makes the pokemon you just viewed available to be found and caught. There would obviously be only one of each ghost. These ghost pokemon could maybe gain the "Ghost" type, giving Pokemon's first ever triple typed pokemon? I would think this would be really cool. Maybe when you catch all ghost pokemon, all the humans there turn out to all be ghosts and disappear knowing that their pokemon are in safe hands.
Nahh... that wouldn't really be that good imo. I mean they're dead and while ghosts are obv dead, they're not outright dead and I feel like stuff like that should actually stay in the cemetery and shouldn't appear in these games. XD'

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