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And so I have caught up with the other games in Black2. Roxie was pretty difficult, considering her Pokemon were defensive and I didn't have any moves that could substantial damage, besides a 5-turn Rollout, which didn't quite happen. I survived with 5 HP and one Pokemon left. Anyway, here's the team and events

-Caught Venipede
-Named her Kaiser; I really don't remember why, but I think someone had the name Kaiser
-Did no grinding at all
-Explored the Complex
-VS Leader Roxie
--VS Koffing: Rollout(x4) w/ Kaiser
--VS Whirlipede: Return(x4) + Rollout(x3) & Pursuit w/ Geoff + Kaiser
-Obtained Toxic Badge


Geoff [SEWADDLE] Lv18 (M)
Serious Nature @Silk Scarf
-Razor Leaf
-Bug Bite

Kaiser [VENIPEDE] Lv18 (F)
Docile Nature @None
Poison Point
-Rock Smash