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    Originally Posted by Erik Destler View Post
    Definitely not. I mean, the Nintendo Direct was pretty much all about the natural progression of the series from handheld console to console. If people transitioned from GBC to GBA, I don't see why they won't transition to the 3DS. It just makes sense.
    I completely agree
    Also the 3DS is not as expensive as it was you can pick it up in the UK now for around £110-140. Those prices are when I bought mine 4 months ago so they could be cheaper now. You can get one for under £100 if you buy it "used". I bought my 3DS ice white for £120 new. Still like 9 months left so I am sure it will go down in price again. I think people will be able to transition fine especially since X and Y come out not long before Christmas meaning people could get a 3DS and the game(s) for Christmas. I think Pokemon X and Y will give a huge boost to the 3DS, in fact that is the only reason I have one ..
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