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    Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
    the Daycare could also have a database on different Egg types with the different patterns on them, like how the Eggs in the anime have different patterns. And filling it up like how you'd fill up your Pokédex would be a very interesting concept for a new type of Daycare system.
    I actually love this idea.

    All eggs look the same, so if you're an intense Breeder, it can be difficult to discern what Egg holds what Pokemon. This way, we'd be able to differentiate between Eggs for ease of breeding.

    Also, the Egg Database could be a neat little side-quest. Say, for hatching 30 unique Eggs, you receive the Oval Charm so that future Eggs are easier to obtain. And maybe even be gifted a special Ditto of a different nationality so that you can perform the Masuda Method after completing the catalog?
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