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Originally Posted by Arco! View Post
I completely agree
Also the 3DS is not as expensive as it was you can pick it up in the UK now for around £110-140. Those prices are when I bought mine 4 months ago so they could be cheaper now. You can get one for under £100 if you buy it "used". I bought my 3DS ice white for £120 new. Still like 9 months left so I am sure it will go down in price again. I think people will be able to transition fine especially since X and Y come out not long before Christmas meaning people could get a 3DS and the game(s) for Christmas. I think Pokemon X and Y will give a huge boost to the 3DS, in fact that is the only reason I have one ..
That last part is really true. If they can't get them right away for whatever reason, Christmas is only 2 months away and they can ask for them there. By then, the price may be cheaper still for the system.
Don't you think Hoenn deserves to be at least this beautiful?

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