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    Girl's Dorm
    Ashling's eyebrow twitched ever so slightly, as Eva bounced up and down before her like some sort of rabbit; it could have been either body language born of hyperactivity, though her attitude towards books hadn't been particularly energetic, or some form of rabbit Youkai. The taller girl hadn't studied the different species in any particular detail, for she sought nothing to gain from them but the person to talk to, though she would have been lying if she hadn't noticed the stigma attached to certain species. Elene being one such person, though Ashling didn't have to dig fur out of her fancy clothes. Most of them were quite plain, which meant the school uniform suited her well; garishness and showmanship was reserved to illusions and tapestries.

    Some small measure of amusement played across her lips, as she spotted Eva brush aside the bangs that hung in her eyes, but it was amusement from common quirks rather than mockery. Lots of people would sacrifice practicality to look pretty, which was a rather endearing quality in her mind. Though the bouncing probably wasn't helping. And, despite the contrast between her firm stature and Eva's generally uneasy stance, Ashling couldn't help but feel some form of kinship with her roommate. They had weaknesses that benefited the other, like all good friends were meant to have, and she would gladly make the first gesture of goodwill.

    "It's be okay," Ashling promised, as she unwrapped the tie that bound her sheath to her belt and drew the object between her practiced hands. One hand held the base, while the other loosely supported the tip, as she presented it to her squealing, hopping roommate. That was probably what she looked like, when getting all dramatic with her illusions. "It's about as dangerous as a broom, without the sword," There was the concern of getting it damaged, but Eva didn't seem like the type to damage another person's property. Just offering it washed away all the unfortunate incidents of the day so far.

    Elene Merlin
    Girl's Dorm
    The urge to interrupt Nami every time she spoke, with a stroke of the violin, was quelled quickly in Elene, as she realized that, while it was amusing, it would foster too much enmity with Nami. It was better to begin with a paced, slow song played at a soft volume to not interrupt her words. So Elene began to play, the violin bow dancing with the strings of the piece itself to form a beautiful tune that would fill the room, and that room only, with a sense of slowly forming hope. Besides sounding lovely to Elene's ears, it would create a feeling of ease between the two of them, for she'd found that music was an excellent catalyst for emotions, so long as she did not attempt to brute force its effects.

    "An apology is all it takes to soothe a wound of words, Nami." Elene assured the daydreaming girl, regarding the potential for rudeness. The fact that she had so little control over her own mind was something of a concern, though the stresses of moving somewhere new, especially given her lack of preparation for being in human form, could probably be blamed for such. And, much to the musician's delight, Nami revealed herself to be a singer, as well. "That pleases me to no end! I'm a Soprano, myself; perhaps you'd care to join me at some point?"
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