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Kion Gavin - Boy's Dorm

Gavin returned to his dorm, still as emotionless as he was when he left Elene's presence. He thought of how his working for...working with...working by this devil woman would affect his life. As smart as he was, she was too experienced to trip up...and then there was the fact that he actually liked her. He truly made for the perfect dog. Heck, he probably would have devoted himself to her if she didn't have such a "high and mighty" air about her.

He was tired of this. He we tired of feeling absolutely nothing, tired of thinking such annoying and painful thoughts...just tired. So, he did exactly what he did when he was in a bad mood: he yelled.


It probably disrupted everyone in the dorm, but he didn't care much; he felt a lot better about himself. It was as if all of his troubles and all of his worries were expelled, along with air and saliva. He walked into the lounge of the dorm and noticed a strange glow coming from somewhere. Somewhere close. He had a sneaking suspicion of what it was, but he really, REALLY didn't want to believe it, so he ignored it and murmured to himself, "It's nothing, he's not here...he's not here..." over and over again.

He took his key and found his door, which, thankfully for him, was the door to a solo room, so that suppressed his worries, somewhat. He opened the door and unzipped one of his bags to reveal a plethora of grimoire. He looked around for a bookshelf, and upon turning his head, hit his forehead on some hardwood. Gavin rubbed his forehead in pain, but he was thankful to find that there was a bookcase right next to him. He unpacked his bag and placed the grimoires on the bookshelf in order of content. Alphabetical order would be nigh on impossible because not all of the grimoires were in English, and some of them were in languages that were not even of this world (such as Elven and various Fairy languages). Gavin wasn't exactly well versed in anything other than English, but he learned quite a bit of other languages through the grimoires.

After unpacking the bag, he placed it in his closet and returned to his bookshelf. He scanned the shelves, looking for an interesting read. Really, this was the first free time he'd had as a Deva Mage. Before, he had to avoid his parents and make arrangements to come to the academy, so it was nice to finally have time to read. He found one named, "Lucie og Reesta" (pronounced \Lu-chE-a äg rE-stä\), which, in English, means "Lucifer's Respite". This was a book that was only usable by demon variants, and since Gavin was now a demon, he decided it was worth a try.

He left the room and locked his door, and sat on the couch in the center of the lounge. He wasn't reading the grimoire so much as he was flipping through it, looking for a good spell to cast.
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