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Art Battle #1 - Create a Fakemon!

I honestly think quuuuuite a lot of people here are amazing at the art of fakemon creation. So I thought it'd be a good idea to let people draw whatever the heck they wanted for the first art battle in quite a while. :3

You're supposed to draw a fakemon. As simple as that. No restrictions regarding the type or anything else. Just make it look as appealing as you could. If you manage to win, you stand a chance to win an emblem and have your gallery stickied for a certain number of days.


- You may use any medium of art
- Artwork may or may not include color.
- Maximum dimensions of 1440x900 is allowed. So go wild, I say! (being specific because it could serve as my desktop background, yknow.)
- Only one entry per member.
- No previously made artwork.
- Must be your own artwork; do not take credit for other artist's work.
- Entries should be submitted to me in a PM before WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6th @ 8:00PM GMT+5:30 (or Indian Local time, if you wanna google that). This is when the entry period ends and the voting period begins. (Do not post entries in thread)
- You may not vote for your own work - shouldn't really need to say this, lmao.
- Do not divulge information regarding your works. Remember, the whole 'PMing the entries to me' thing is being done to maintain anonymity and prevent any biased voting. No one should know which entry has been done by whom.
- Ask any questions you have in the thread.


- Once the entry period ends, I will post all entries on the thread, without names.
- You are then supposed to vote on the entry you liked the most and state your reasoning behind your preference. Remember, you have to post your votes here. Not PM me. There will be no poll.
- You may vote even if you have not participated in the battle.
- You must vote if you have participated in the battle.
- After one week of voting, I will post the winning submissions! (along with artists' names)


- Alexial357 (Entry received)
- WinterKirby (Entry received)
- Loki
(Disqualified due to lack of submission)
- Sunfished (Entry received)
- Urugamosu (Entry received)
- Inferna (Entry received)
- Adin Terim (Entry received)
- Corvidae (Entry received)

Hope to see some wonderful stuff in here, guys. Remember, an emblem is at stake here. ;p