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    Evan Lee Gildred

    Eva’s eyes widened, as Ashling held the sheath out to him. He didn’t know why he was so excited, but the weapon holster spoke to his inner nerdy desires. It was like something out of a fantasy novel, even if there was no blade in it. Giggling like an idiot, he held it in his hands and felt the weight of it against his palms. It was substantial, but not exceedingly heavy. He still felt a little clumsy with it in hand, but he owed that more to his wanting physical prowess than to the sheath’s dimensions. What a sight he must have been. A random passerby would have seen only a bubbly schoolgirl holding what could only be described as a weapon and a cheerful smile plastered on her face. Surely, campus security couldn’t have been receptive to the scene.

    Sliding his hands along the shaft, he gripped it firmly by the base and held the sheath upright like a sword. It became a little more unbalanced in this position, but he didn’t think much of it. Taking a few practice swings, he was careful to avoid hitting Ashling and anything else in the tight confines of the room. He calmed down only slightly as he turned towards the open door of their room and took a few practice steps like a fencer, before turning back and accidentally smacking Ashling in the side of the head. He almost dropped the sheath in shock, but regained his composure before he did anything to strain their potential friendship further.

    “Oh my gods! Oh my gods!” He shouted and looked up to her as he hugged the sheath to his body. “A-are you okay?” His eyes looked at the spot he hit her, just above the ear. With his lack of muscle, he didn’t really think it did any damage but you couldn’t be too careful. “I am so sorry. I just got a little carried away,” he continued to bumble through his apology. “P-please forgive me...”

    He bowed and held out the sheath to Ashling in his two trembling hands, his gaze firmly locked on the floor as his bangs cascaded down his face. This meeting could not have gone worse in his mind. He had been awkward, nervous, stuttered in his speech and to top it all off, hit her with one of her own items. If she requested a change in quarters at this point, he could hardly blame her.
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