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    Sora guided his Daemon along a nearby river until he found a point, shaded by trees and was secluded, although close to Shower. He decided to try to grind in the area, using his bare fists, until he had gained enough in-game currency to purchase some equipment. He didn’t remember what types of monsters were in the area, maybe warthogs or fish. He wanted to remain aware of everything in the area so he wouldn’t get attacked off-guard. As almost near silence prevailed, the river water didn’t rush nearly fast enough to be loud and it was calming to Sora throughout his headset. Sora yawned and stood up for a moment, feeling too relaxed by the sound of the water. Sora minimized his Cloud window and began a music playlist of loud rock music, the volume was loud enough for him to be able to sit down and not sleep.

    When he reopened his Cloud window, there was a flying fish springing out of the water to attack him from behind. It was an extremely weak monster although they usually travel in mobs. Fear and something of instinct caused him to react and his Daemon pivoted to seize the fish immediately in both hands. Angry at the fact it attacked him while he had his window minimized, he chucked the fish into a nearby tree, causing it to lose HP upon impact. To finish it off, Sora ran at the Daemon clumsily and leaped in the air over the fish, landing on it and then curb stomping it into the ground with nothing but intent to kill it. On the thirteenth time he brought his foot down, the fish shattered into pieces and no sooner than that, a level up prompt appeared to Sora. Before he could read it, he turned to see a cloud of the fish, soaring out of the water, possibly to avenge their fellow fish.