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Hmm this had me thinking the whole time that in regards to the mentioned types needed (more of that is*), it made me think that there should be more electric types with good Def and SpD stats, because I literally find that with each new generation, Electric types are always the pokemon with the worse Defence and SpD stats, which make them kind of easy to over throw (by using a pokemon with good Attack and SpA stats). I'd also like for there to be more better grass/bug type pokemon other than the starter in the beginning of the game that is easy to acquire early on. And lastly there should be more of Psychic and Dark type pokemon likewise is also easy to acquire early in the game, cause they were really hard to come by in the older games (Like red and FireRed-Gold and HG*). So overall I want more Electric(WITH GOOD SpD and Def**), Grass/Bug, Dark, and Psychic types in Generation 6.
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