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    Fire is one of the quintessential types, but it's very underrepresented in the games, which is a contradiction.

    Not counting the starters...

    2nd gen introduced Houndour, *gasp* Slugma, Entei and Ho-Oh.

    3rd gen introduced Numel and Torkoal, two very underwhelming Pokémon.

    4th gen introduced Magmortar (which was an evo of an old one) and Heatran.

    It was not until 5th gen that Gamefreak gave Fire-type fans some love. Darmanitan (as ugly as it looks) and Chandelure are quite powerful, and Simisear and Heatmor are decent. And of course Reshiram, but that's an uber.

    So I think, to balance the types out, they need more Fire, less Grass and much less Water, although an European setting is more appealing to Ice-types than Fire (unless you count countries like Italy with its volcanoes).

    As for Ghost-types, there a few of them yes, but pretty much all of them are powerful. None of the Unova ones are useless. It's supposed to be a rare type, like Dragon. Whereas Water has the most Pokémon, but a good amount of them suck (I'm looking at you, Luvdisc, Finneon and Goldeen).

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