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    Originally Posted by Dradier234 View Post
    I have it fixed. Thanks for the critique!
    Try to use the redish trees a little bit more, using it just 3 times make the map a little bit boring.
    Try to remove the bridge that leads to blues house, since it makes no sense because you can easily reach it on feet, and 2 bridges that close too each other doesnt look very well.
    The water should be not that squarish also random stones in the water would'nt really hurt it either, and how is the hero going to get to the other side, hoping on the mountain i suppose?
    In which you should try to map the mountains and trees not that squarish.

    Also most comments i see here are just comments to have a reason to post theyre owns maps like "i like the tiles" or "place trees different" and thats it, i only saw like 3-4 people trying to give real sugguestions or critism to make someone improve theyre maps. How are they supposed to improve if they don't get told the truth that some parts of theyre mpas might be just bad?

    Non of this is meant bad just my thoughts while dashing through the forum :