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Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
I'd say (especially throughout school) I'd consider myself pretty book smart. I basically coasted through school with minimal effort, yet graduated with honors. However, I think there is a difference between being intelligent and being smart. Using myself as an example, I consider myself intelligent to a degree, yet I've done some dumb things and made decisions that didn't make me look smart at all.
I think I'm the same way. I didn't necessarily "coast" through school, but I believe I worked harder than others to achieve high grades. I learn things easily if I keep attempting to engage myself in the material, and I can also memorize things without hassle. I think what has helped me a lot is that fact that I've never really procrastinated, which has given me time to learn material at a pace which is suitable for me. For now, in college, I'm doing extremely well and hope to continue on the same route.
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