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    Originally Posted by carmaniac View Post
    More people really need to check this thread out and post in it, anyway; so after watching the video, I can see you're making pretty good progress with the current content provided as just the beginning of the game, I do have a couple of things to pick at however. The songs for instance, they seem like really odd choices, although the concept to them is a good start, I feel they need quite a bit of improvement, the song for the player home seemed quite depressing XD. Other than that I say keep up the work in that section. On to mapping, you have a good basic understanding of making the maps more fluid in terms of making the player have to take alternate routes, although you could try practice a bit more when it comes to placement of objects and grass. Mainly because, when you showed the route, it didn't seem all too appealing to see that much tall grass all clumped together, I'd suggest to break it up and add in some objects that would force the player into the wild grass a bit more, but also to provide a slight short cut out of the grass as well, just to give that variation of the route. Other than those points there's not much else I can really say, your content is quite good event wise, you've got a good understanding of mapping, and you don't bring too much of a clash to overworld styles, although I'd increase the contrast/saturation a bit to make the tiles and characters match a bit better. Good job so far.
    The intro area shown in the video is only played in the beginning with what I showed plus a few random inhabitants of the Village, no pokemon or battles and you can't go back to it again. I will probably fiddle around with the music, but I won't do much until I have music everywhere else. (Which hopefully isn't as odd of choices as the beginning areas were.)

    I keep fiddling with the maps every so often though and making them better so I can make maps that are realistic and enjoyable even though there aren't many in this game. The objects and grass is always wrong with me for some reason, I either have too many or not enough. I do think I'm a lot better than I used to be, but I know it isn't perfect. The big clump of tall grass is mostly just supposed to be a filler and be large enough to make players question why they aren't encountering pokemon as that goes with the post-story.

    Thanks for the feedback though, you win the award for the most helpful critic.
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