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    Cirno just quoted me in order to be a tier 6 supporter you need to donate over 100 US dollars ? is this true ?

    I mean why can't you just make a set price of like 10-20 USD and allow people to benefit from all these features or a monthly 1-3 USD subscription ?
    I mean for the benefits of being a tier 2 supporter, you can just make a free blogs website and just link people to it O_o ?
    Bigger avatars and access for being a tier 3 supporter ? What topics are even in a V.I.P section O_O ?

    PM space and emails ? Big whoop ? I can't see how that can warrant more moneys when you can create a free email address straight away from google,yahoo,msn etc. ?

    Abolishing tiers will stop this stupid "dick measuring" of who can give the most money,have the highest tier name and allow people of all budgets to afford and appreciate the features which come to being a PC supporter.
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