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Fel - Mr.Pokemon's House

The trio made their way to Mr.Pokemon's house at an average pace. They often stopped to fight pokemon, since they wouldn't be able to go on if they hit a level spike. Fel constantly looked behind him to see if there was anyone following them (specifically, the other recruit). Each time, he was disappointed. He couldn't blame the other recruit for not coming, this was a rather shady ordeal with rather shady people, but Mercedes had no doubt that they would join them sooner or later.

They finally reached the house, and each of them looked at the door. They were somewhat dubious, as to what awaited them inside- well, Fel and Mercedes were, but Marona looked at the two of them with a question mark on her face. When they noticed Marona's confusion, they looked at her with the same expression.

"Is there something wrong, Marona?" Fel asked. "You seem to be looking at us weird."

"Well...uh..." Marona looked down for a moment. "I was wondering why you two were looking at the door. Are you expecting him to come out here?"

"We don't know what awaits us inside," Mercedes said, arms crossed. "After all, this 'Mr.Pokemon' could be an agent of the organization, and probably is. We don't know what he'll do when we go inside."

This took Marona aback, for some reason. Was she so dense that she would blindly walk into such a situation? Well, it didn't take long for a small smile to sprout on her face, and then that smile grew larger, and until finally she burst out laughing. She laughed so hard she actually fell to the ground and started rolling around.

"W-what's so funny?" Fel asked, baffled by the woman's outburst.

"A-are you guys serious?" Marona asked, trying to hold her laughter back. She got back to her feet and wiped the tears from her eyes, still chuckling a little. "You guys have played Pokemon Gold and Silver, haven't you?" The two looked at each other, which seemingly meant "No." "What about HeartGold or SoulSilver?" The two looked at her and shook their heads. Marona turned around and said to herself, "Man...I thought I was the old business woman here..." The two turned their heads in confusion. Marona turned around and sighed. Without missing a beat, she walked into the house, completely ignoring any protests by her other party members. There seemed to be no trouble ahead, if Marona was any indication, so the two walked into the house.

The house looked rather quaint, and other than the two Super Computers, it seemed normal enough. The three entered to see a light green-haired short girl talking to a man in a hat.

"Ah, good, you are all here; now we can begin." Mr.Pokemon said with a tip of the hat. "I am Mr.Pokemon, it's a pleasure."

Before anyone could do anything else, the green-haired girl bolted towards Mercedes, yelling, "Kiki!" She jumped and grabbed onto Mercedes in such a way that it seemed only the Jaws of Life could remove her. Mercedes seemed disturbed, and a little annoyed, at this girl who glomped her incisively. "I missed you so much, sis! I didn't think I'd ever see you again!" Mercedes didn't seem quite as affectionate towards her sister, and to prove this, she sent her fist down on her sister's cranium like a hammer.

"I told you the last recruit would be here," Mercedes said with her eyes closed. It was rather astonishing to the other two that the last member was Mercedes' sister, largely because of the population of players in the game. They didn't question it though, and they instead just chuckled and returned to the attention of Mr.Pokemon.

"I have given you all your Pokedexs, you should find them in your inventory." The four of them checked their inventories to see the devices were there, and indeed they were.

"Wait," Said Marona. "I thought we were supposed to give an egg to the mayor. I heard some other players talking about it back in Cherrygrove."

"Oh, oh!" The little girl said, raising her hand and jumping up and down. "That was me, I did that!"

"Indeed she did, and the mayor even gave her a reward for it." Mr.Pokemon said. "Now anyway, I'm to give you the briefing on your next mission. The four of you are to split up and do an act of good will." A question mark returned to all of their faces.

"What are we," Marona said with her hands on her hips. "Some group of vigilantes?"

"These acts have a purpose, but they will not be random; we will be assigning you each an 'act of goodwill'. Fel, your first. Take this and be on your way." The man held out a pokeball...or an item ball...Fel couldn't really tell. He knew better than to ask questions because he knew that there would be no chance of getting any answers. He took the ball and walked outside, waving to the others before doing so.

As he walked away, he started to notice that he didn't have a set mission. It turned out that what he was given wasn't an item ball containing a note or anything, but rather it was a pokemon. Specifically, it was a Poliwag. He didn't know what exactly he was supposed to do with it, but then, as if they were reading his mind, a duo walked by Fel, talking about a huge fire that broke out near Cherrygrove. That was Fel's only direction in terms of his mission, so he decided to head towards the fire and see what he could do about it.
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