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Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post

I mean why can't you just make a set price of like 10-20 USD and allow people to benefit from all these features or a monthly 1-3 USD subscription ?
I mean for the benefits of being a tier 2 supporter, you can just make a free blogs website and just link people to it O_o ?
Bigger avatars and access for being a tier 3 supporter ? What topics are even in a V.I.P section O_O ?

PM space and emails ? Big whoop ? I can't see how that can warrant more moneys when you can create a free email address straight away from google,yahoo,msn etc. ?

Abolishing tiers will stop this stupid "dick measuring" of who can give the most money,have the highest tier name and allow people of all budgets to afford and appreciate the features which come to being a PC supporter.
Is it necessary? No. Is it required by any means? No. I certainly cannot speak for the staff here, but I think it was mentioned somewhere in this thread(and if not, I'll mention it in my post) that the tiers are nothing more than really thank-you gifts for donating. There was a time in PC where tiers didn't exist, and they were actually a new concept and whatnot, and it seemed to have worked out really well based on whatever people wanted to donate to. For example, if they wanted a bigger avatar/bigger PM box, then they would either need to donate 20 bucks or become a recurring supporter, it's not really that difficult at all.

And yes, to be able to become tier 6, one would need to donate $100, something that a fair few amount of people were able to do. However, you have to realize that it's not a requirement to donate that much money, nor is it said anywhere that you can donate that money all at one time. You can donate a little bit at a time, as it would still count and accumulate with your tier/total donation amount. Therefore, I don't really see it as something that's unfair or far-fetched by any means. It might be quite a bit, but again, that tier is for those who have some series dedication for this place(or just prefer the fancy tier 6 perks, either way goes. XD).

I mean, I suppose I can see a lot of the points you're making, in the sense that a lot of these features you can pretty much do elsewhere. I don't know about anyone else here, but I personally don't use the PC email address, but it's always an option and it's there in case you want to have access to it. And PM space is actually a pretty big deal for most people. Maybe some of us like to save PMs for nostalgia's sake, or maybe some of us host events and need to mass send/receive PMs for them, who knows? Either way, we need to have the extra PM space in order to do so. I myself have around 500 PMs, and while I don't receive PMs that often, I take solace in the fact that I have an extra 500 PM space to go around before it's full, and if I wanted more, I could just donate to tier 6 and get 200 extra PMs, which seems fair to me. o_O

See, what's presented here as far as supportership is concerned is a choice. You are not required to use your blog, hell, you are not required to even post in the VIP forum or even notice that it's there, to be quite honest. You might not find them useful, but there might be others that will. There are a few people here and there that treasure PM space, there are a few people here that love big avatars, and there are still people that post in the VIP forum, so all of the "perks", so to speak, isn't useless or any form of "dick measuring" at all, in which I'll get into next.

What makes you feel that this is, in any way, a dick measuring contest? Can you link or show me anywhere in where there are two supporters in two different tiers competing for perks or something like that? I don't see anyone(especially the tier 6-ers) going: "lol i have more perks than you, you suck lmfao", so I'm really failing to understand where you getting that from, no offense here. It seems like you're just targeting a problem that really doesn't, in fact, exist.

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