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46's really the people that like it for nostalgic value alone that slightly bother me. I was like that for a while, but I haven't watched the "censored aired Toonami" version in years (mainly because Toonami went off), I've mainly kept to the Uncut Funimation version. Reason being, if you get someone who liked something when they were a kid, like say, anything on Toonami, they will talk about it in the context as if they were a kid. They'll say things like, "Oh, I remember that show, that was the show with the people with the big hair and the powers", and that's not what these shows are; they're better than that. That's largely why I went back to watch the show uncut, to see if my interest in the show was genuine.

But I will agree, Dragon Ball Z did have too many male characters; I really wish Toriyama had implemented more female characters. He tried to in the end, with Bra, Videl, and Pan...but there could have been more. Way more.

Other than that, my favorite anime, movies included, is Summer Wars, hands down. I don't think any movie, in terms of animation, small details, characters, music, and story has ever gripped me as much as Summer Wars has. It was surprising, because I was sure that my favorite movie would always be a Studio Ghibli production.


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