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Which Fire Type has the best design?

Design can be looked at from 2 perspectives; Simplicity or Stylistically.

Simplicity: I'll agree with most on here and say Charizard and I'll add Typhlosion to the mix. Both of these Pokemon exude a subtle ambiance of power and determination. It's really something to admire.

Stylistically: Arcanine has a regal and elegant look to him whilst not giving anything away so far as power and ferocity is concerned. Infernape is unique in that its style comes from its ferociousness and tenacity in wearing its armor like a general heading off to war. (Sun Wu Kong RULES!!!).

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post

Ever since I first saw this thing, I have never found a better-looking Fire-type. This thing looks so awesome with those ghostly purple flames and those eyes, and the fact it looks like a chandelier makes it pretty unique among Fire-types.

Used one in both Black and Black 2 cos I love Chandy. Sorry Charizard fans, Chandy is the coolest

It's a given that Chandelure looks pretty damn cool. However, milady, I would be remiss to not mention that at least Charizard doesn't try to eat my soul. lol. Seriously though, I released my Litwick after reading its PokeDex description. I haven't been that creeped out by a Pokemon since Hypno.