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Originally Posted by masaru3 View Post
I'm quite annoyed at the quitters. I'm losing as many battles as the ones I win, but those #%&$#$& make my rating go down. I'm seriously just playing to improve my battling strategies and to win that delicious BP, because I'm losing hope of having a better rating than last time (I placed on #66 on the Winter VGCS).
My team is better this time.

Didn't they say that quitters might be banned from future tournaments?

I hope they do what Keiran said, because it's really unfair to those who are winning.

Anyways... Who else is tired of Heatrans, Cresselias and Hitmontops? xD
I've only seen lots of Cresselias, and only a couple Hitmontops and 1 Heatran. I really dislike Cresselia. It's easy to shut down but its very bulky so it's like a huge roadblock that just sits there. Unless I choose to waste a -+0 Draco Meteor on it..

I complain about Cresselia being annoying, but seeing one usually means it's an easy win. xD
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