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Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
It was not until 5th gen that Gamefreak gave Fire-type fans some love. Darmanitan (as ugly as it looks) and Chandelure are quite powerful, and Simisear and Heatmor are decent. And of course Reshiram, but that's an uber.

So I think, to balance the types out, they need more Fire, less Grass and much less Water, although an European setting is more appealing to Ice-types than Fire (unless you count countries like Italy with its volcanoes).

As for Ghost-types, there a few of them yes, but pretty much all of them are powerful. None of the Unova ones are useless. It's supposed to be a rare type, like Dragon. Whereas Water has the most Pokémon, but a good amount of them suck (I'm looking at you, Luvdisc, Finneon and Goldeen).
You forgot to mention Volcarona. It's okay though, because I remembered it for you. :p

The large population of Water-types makes sense from a realistic point of view. The earth is covered by 70% of water and there are thousands if not millions of different types of aquatic creatures that exist today, many of which have yet to be discovered. And similar to Pokémon, some of them are pathetic while others are much more feared of or respected.

That being said, I do agree with you. I'd like to see more Fire-types and Ice-types around. More so Ice-types because they're probably my favorite kind after Dark-types.
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