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    Hello PokeCommunity!

    I have another question for you. I am sure many of you have seen fan games that have had wild pokemon sprites fly over a map. Like a flock of pidgey or starly. I have the sprites for the Pokemon, I am just unsure of how to make the event. At first I thought of an autorun event, but that makes the player unable to move.

    Then, I tried an event with autonomous movement. This works great, except the event only starts moving when the player gets within a certain amount of tiles from it. This would be okay, except I don't want all the pokemon in a straight line. I have them arranged in a "V" shape. But, when the player gets close to it, the one closest to the player starts moving and the others don't join until you get one closer, and then the next starts moving when you move one closer.

    I will try to show it best I can. "X"s are the pokemon events, "P" is the player.


    Say the player starts moving toward them.

    If the player gets so close to the first event it starts moving, but not yet close enough to the others for them to start moving
    Then, when the player moves one step closer, the next two events start moving, but now they are farther behind the first one, and the last two haven't started moving yet.

    Anyone know how to do this another way? One that works better
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