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If it's a movie or a show that I really enjoyed the first time around, I might end up re-watching it again not long after. This has actually happened a few times in the past. Otherwise, I like to wait awhile before watching said movie / show again. Generally, I'd re-watch movies on more occasions than television shows because it's a lot easier. While with shows, particularly older ones, I like to select my favorite episodes to watch again. When it comes to a somewhat newer TV series, before a new season of the show is about to premiere, I like to re-watch the past season as a way to keep the previous events that occurred fresh in mind. This way I don't forget some of the things that happened while the show was on one of its long breaks.

When it comes to books, however, it would usually take me a lot longer of a time before I want to read the same thing again. And even then, I'd have to be in a certain mood or have a spark of interest to read it second or third time around.
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