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    Originally Posted by Holofoil View Post
    The pictures don't show it well, but the backs are all different colors. Some are darker, some are lighter. If they were real wouldn't they all be the same color? Also the packs 3 have a blue outline around the TM* and blue inside the pokemon o, while one doesn't and it is much darker.
    Well if three have it and one doesn't I'd say the single packet MAY be fake or it could be a simple misprint (if it's on the packet and not a single card.

    I've had cards being slighly different shades of blue before and I haven't paid a great detail to it as if there was something wrong. It's obviously either faded through time (rubbed against the foil or another card) or it's just an inconsistency they had with printing they had.

    Like Donavannj, I can't see anything obvious that is ill-genuine. The only thing that may be true is that single pack MAY be fake if it's darker and doesn't have the blue outline around the O.
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