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I hope more people can sign up, it's a really fun challenge!

Anyway, I started on Soul Silver and here's an adventure log so far;
  • Did the basic introduction stuff
  • Picked up my starter, Chikorita whom I named Strawberry
  • Tried to avoi Wild Battles so I could get the Pokeballs ASAP
  • Battled my Rival and got back to New Bark Town with a few levels gained
  • Got the Pokeballs and began the real challenge!
  • Went onto Route 30 and after several same gender encounters, I caught my second team member which was a Kakuna (Turnip) who is now paired with Chikorita.
  • Went back to Route 29 to catch my third member which ended up being Rattata (Potato)
  • After catching my third member I needed a fourth Pokemon to make a second pair, I went onto Route 44 and caught myself a Spearow (Coconut) which gave me a total of two pairs!
  • Went back onto Route 30 to start some training, battled the trainers and gained a few levels
  • I skipped Dark Cave & Route 31 for encounters because I had other Pokemon in mind. Reached Violet City and got the Slugma Egg from Primo who became my fifth team member nickname Tomato.
  • Finally, for a sixth pair I went onto Route 32 to catch a pair for Slugma which ended up being Mareep (Blueberry)
  • Trained both Mareep & Slugma to catch up to the other pairs in preparation for the Gym, unfortunately Mareep got knocked out which resulted in Tomato being left unpaired for the time being!

The Team

Strawberry Lv. 10 Turnip Lv. 7

Coconut Lv. 6 Potato Lv. 7

Tomato Lv. 5