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3DS is a great system with some great titles and plenty of upcoming releases that look fantastic and aren't Pokémon. I bought one about two weeks before the first price drop because I wanted the Ambassador games. It was £130 in a Brighton GameStation as "preowned" but unopened, so more or less the same price a new system would have been in some stores AFTER the cut so I guess I was fortunate. I since upgraded to an XL (£150 on eBay about a month after its release) and the system goes everywhere with me, be it for an extended Kid Icarus session, a walk into town for some StreetPass hits or a quick puzzle on Pullblox on my lunchbreak - but I don't play Pokémon DS games on it! That's what the DSi is for.

Sure, the price point may be a bit much for people who don't work full time, but I don't feel the 3DS is particularly expensive for what it is - I've loved every Nintendo handheld I've ever had but somehow this one trumps them all for me. Pokémon in October should really bolster sales, especially in the run up to the holiday season. I think the system's had enough time to get a decent install base anyway so the games should sell well as Pokémon tends to be the definitive handheld title.
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