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Originally Posted by Scarf
You know, you're only the second gay guy I've heard say something like this that I can remember. (I'm sure more feel this way, but I can't remember hearing them say it.) I have heard many react terribly to the idea of ever not being gay. Maybe that's just an act, a persona, a guise, but it made me think that they were very stuck to their labels.
I think you'll find the people who are like that (and you're right, there are a lot of them) are the people to whom being gay is a very important part of who they are. They sort of function as a gay person rather than just as a person and to have that label ripped from them in any way would shake the entire foundation of their personalities. That's what I've noticed, anyway.

Originally Posted by LaVida
Do you guys wear anything (e.g. a rainbow bracelet) to show that you're gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans...? And if so, has anybody ever noticed and said something about it?
No, I don't, but that's because I'm not a very flamboyant person. I don't really wear bright colours and I'm not a jewelry person (having bracelets or rings or anything on just makes me spend so much time fiddling with them trying to make them comfortable that I just end up taking them off in frustration and never using them again). I have a very reserved personality in real life, too, so wearing rainbow stuff just isn't me all-round.

Then there's the whole "you should only be proud of accomplishments, not things you just are" frame of mind I have lol. I don't like showing gay pride for the same reason I don't like showing patriotism. Being gay is not something I achieved, so why is it something I should be proud of?


Welcome Gyardosamped! I don't believe anybody's posted that in here yet and I love it as well :D. I know Obama is powerless as far as state government is concerned, but his support is a really huge deal and I hope he can find a way to make something of it at some point over the next four years!

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