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    Mountain Region: Northwest Path
    Irek continued to turn his head away from Charlie and ignored him as he slouched against Shadoan's head. The boys walked a long ways moving northwest towards the Field of the Fallen. "Irek, How much about the leagues history do you know?... I do not plan to see the next play so can you give both me and Jack a better description about Lethia?" Irek opened his eyes and watched yellow sky as the day was slowly coming to an end as he began to speak. "Alright... But only because the play back in the loft was terrible... Basically, All of Lethia is a massive meteor that hit the planet billions of years ago when several other rocks hit our planet as well, such as the fabled moon stone, the rock that could evolve some species of pokemon." He sat up and perched himself to better clamp himself to Shadoan. "After the meteor hit, it collected lava, dust and dirt and began to grow into a large floating region filled with nothing but pokemon... The first humans that came to Lethia were constantly at war with both nature and the pokemon themselves, looking to make a living... There was never an agreement between pokemon, leviathans or humans to live in peace, but there was a mixed relationship and an awkward agreement when Standing Grace was first built. The forest's region for most bug pokemon, was territorial, even towards the beach, however they never really did care for humans... As long as noone bothers the bug pokemon controlling the woods near the town, the pokemon would not bother the humans and leave them in peace..." He hopped down a moment to rush over to a few plants to gather some herbs as they passed them by, Shadoan stopped to let him gather them. "What about the league, where do they fit into this?" Irek wrapped the herbs in his arm scarf as he walked over, hopped back upa nd stored them into Shadoan's bag. "4 years after Standing Grace was built, there were thoughts to treat this region as an island paradise resort and developers were looking to expand from Standing grace and setup other towns, even another pokemon league was put into thought... However, you both must have already seen and noticed first hand how the region treats humans. The developers learned the hard way, but it never stopped them from trying again and again... Its from here the leagues history gets really....iffy." "Iffy?....How?" Irek took a deep breath in as the sky went from yellow to a bright orange. "There was a lot going on. Since the trainers and humans were interfering with pokemon and invading their territories, the pokemon banded and fought back. During those fights, pokemon ascension was discovered and lead to new problems with scientists trying to study us and trainers coming here to capture and use us as secret weapons in their arsenal. Because of all of this that was going on, the mayor of standing grace set out to find 4 pokemon trainers, very strong ones to kick off these people from the island.... He found his trainers and they did their job as long as they could explore and learn about Lethia as much as they wished... Then from here its just rumors, some say the 4 trainers built the league to challenge others to build their power, others say they created the league to do this and that... Nothing more but rumors... The only rumor that proved to be true, that I was able to confirm on my own, was the 4 trainers that were hired setup the league themselves in order to hide something." The night sky appeared as Shadoan turned his head to Irek. "Hide what?" Irek shrugged his green shoulders. "I don't know... Lethia is full of things that would baffle to world. Each surprise and discovery is more mind boggling and entertaining that the last one; And even more dangerous than were lead on to believe. They could have set it up to protect all of Lethia secrets... Though for what amount of secrets lie here. They did a lousy job of hiding; unless they found something more disturbing below Lethia... Its getting late, we can rest here and arrive at the field early tomorrow."

    Mountain Region: Old Cave

    Stepping through the shadows, the azure flame reveals cave paintings on the walls on what appears to be Lethia being picked up and carried by a massive shadow. Studying the cave paintings further, the painting was very recent, the colors seem freash instead of aged. "DON'T TOUCH THAT!" A voice in the darkness calls out. Looking out, a black furred Smeargul is painting with his tail several drawings on the region. "The paint is still drying..." He replied.

    Moon Rise Evolution

    As the Ryhorn was let go and fought his way through, he was forced to retreat with his trainer until the yellow stone around his neck back to glow, forcing the pokemon to evolve to Rydon. The stone still kept glowing as they continue to run. The Rydon picks up Xavier and digs underground with him underground. As Xaviers Pokemon follow, the yellow stone glows onece more, evolving into Rhyperior, punching the walls for stones, it aims for the hole above, using the hole as a choke point for the bugs entering, it takes out several at a time every second.

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