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    Ok my engrish sucks and I know it. But I just... can't bear this sh*t anymore.
    To be a ROM hacker you need to storywriter, spritemaker, mapper,tilemaker, scripter and more.
    I know LP have bland story but it's a COMPLETED hack. Many hacks out there will never, ever finished and we all know it.
    Wesley FG. He is a great hacker. He may be bad storywriter (or even bad mapper) but he is a GREAT scripter, tilemaker. LP is beatiful and I love it. I play Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, 999 and ton of other games and I love their story. But I also play Monster Hunter, Etrian Odyssey and in those games I don't care about the lack of story I care about gameplay.
    LP have many good things. We have many pokemon we love from all gen, all pokemon I care about (I hate hackmon, I don't care about them and to me they all sucks). We have two region to travel, to league to challage, Pokemon Championship and much more.
    I know you, me and anyone can make a "so called hack" but I know I can never complete it. I'm a good scripter myself but I can't write a good story, can't make a beautiful map. I'll be a good member but never be a great team leader but Wesley is.
    He write the story, make most of the tiles, script whole the game, create all the maps... Can you do it?
    We have a ton of processing hacks but I doubt any of them will complete. I already see my farvorite hacks (Pokemon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina!)cancelled and I belive many other hack will cancelled as well(sad but true, We all have to accept it...)
    We aren't here to critic Light Platinum, Flora Sky or any other hack for lack of SOMETHING. We are here to congrat and HONOR their creator for their amazing effort. I don't like Snakewood(I HATE hackmon) but I will glad you guys like the story really good and Cutlerine you really awsome.
    But to make a great hack we need more than just story, graphic, unique features... We need all of those thing to make a great hack. And IMO Light Platinum really great because it have most of those thing(great tiles, good map, eyecandy graphic, good gameplay with many challage... and acceptable story...)
    Wesley, with your amazing effort you really deserve it after all these years. (I know this isn't the final result but you deserve the first place)
    And to many other great ROM hacker out there. I wish you the best of luck. I'll glad to see more and more hack complete and ROM Hacking will go on forever to show our next generation how we made many great games.
    Last but not least, thank you Sky(or 12345 on PokemonCommunity) for your amazing work. You really one of the best ROM hacker and best Vietnamese ROM hacker I ever known.

    *I'm Vietnamese. My engrish sucks. So please, forgive me if you guys can't even understand a word...