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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
You must be talking about the Calcium and Zinc, which are the special equivalents to the Protein and Iron respectively. You can buy them in Shopping Mall Nine on Route 9 (so around your 7th Badge) as well as the Battle Subway and Pokemon World Tournament, but you need to battle and win to earn BP to spend on them.

Also, Sandshrew's Special-based stats are terrible, so its best you focus on its Attack and Defense. Also, Timid nature lowers Attack and raises Speed which isn't that great since it's mainly a physical attacker.
Great. I had captured a sandshrew basically for my battle with the Nimbasa gym which uses electric types. I plan on boxing it after. Mine has now evolved to sandshrew which raise it's special significantly plus I have the TM rock tomb to teach and Dig to teach.
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