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    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    You must be talking about the Calcium and Zinc, which are the special equivalents to the Protein and Iron respectively. You can buy them in Shopping Mall Nine on Route 9 (so around your 7th Badge) as well as the Battle Subway and Pokemon World Tournament, but you need to battle and win to earn BP to spend on them.
    Replying to the bolded portion, the exact time you can get it is after the sixth badge (Mistralton) and the trip through Reversal Mountain. You can visit all of the areas from Routes 9 (closed at Tubeline Bridge) through 14 (closed at Black City/White Forest) and all towns in between (exempting Giant Chasm of course) after acquiring the sixth badge, which means anyone with money to burn can at this point visit Shopping Mall Nine before freezing over Opelucid City (which occurs after the seventh badge is obtained and you then visit Drayden at home; the cutscene begins while inside his home).

    You can of course go to SMN after Opelucid is frozen as well, I just hate traversing around there with ice and pre-E4 only Fly there for Quick Balls.

    If you want quick money, the Nimbasa repeatable battles and the Royal Unova are options (attach an Amulet Coin). Those vitamins cost 9,800 PD each.

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