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Plains of Valkaria

Alright, everyone. This is it, a voice echoed in his mind. Zane saw nothing. Nothing but darkness. The voice sounded familiar. He believed he heard it in a dream before.

Be on your guard. Stay close to the Gold Crystal. So you won’t fall under the Silver’s influence. The vision slowly came into focus. There were figured. Figured in a…city. The city was burnt, damaged. Zane couldn’t recognize it. The vision focused more, showing a group of Pokemon outside of the door to some larger, gray building, broken and ruined, but still standing. Bombardments of attacks passed overhead. Zane’s vision focused onto the Pokemon in front. He recognized them from a dream he had before. “Kaiser” Kent Reed, the Gold Tribe leader from 100 years ago was among them, as was Burstborn, and others. Others he had heard about and seen before. It must have been a continuation of the dream from before.

Remember. Kent told the others. Chaos forms shouldn’t be activated if the Gold Crystal is close by. Neither should illusions. It’s a straight shot to him.

It’s Bellator. An Absol told the Zangoose leader. Kent looked back at the Absol with solemn eyes, reflecting the mood of them all.

That’s not Bellator anymore, Silver. He’s long gone. Bellator would have wanted to sacrifice himself. He wouldn’t have wanted this to continue. We have to end this. We have to end this now.

The Absol silently stood beside the Zangoose leader, all of them with dropped heads and heavy hearts. Zane connected the dots. This was the same situation. Bellator must have been the wielder of the crystal last time this had occurred. Zane watched as the scene unfolded, the Gold Tribe charging into the building, one by one as their faces were marked with contrasting signs of both resolve and sorrow. All left into the building, except Kent Reed, who stood outside for a moment longer.

Sacrifice. Kent repeated to himself, as if he mulled the words over in his head. Then, in a bizarre twist, he turned to Zane, his eyes fixated on him. He repeated to him words he had heard in dreams prior.

Sacrifice is part of being in the Gold Tribe. Sacrifice of your name, your attachments, and ultimately even yourself. Everyone in the Gold Tribe has to be willing to do this. The question is, Zane: are you?

“Zane.” A voice said, and with it an arm shook him. Zane popped his eyes open, the cracks of the sun slowly showing itself above the peaks of the Korhal Mountain. He looked around at the Thieves Forest, at the other Gold Tribe members rousing themselves, and then at his waker, The Keeper. He was smiling down to him as Zane rose himself up onto his backside, then picked himself onto his feet, patting away any strands of grass on his body. The others began to rise themselves as well, those that were already awake rose those still in their sleep.

“Have a good sleep?” The Keeper asked him, still maintaining that smile on his face.

“More or less…” Zane responded, eyeing the group as they prepared themselves to depart. He gave them all some time to eat and pack up before they’d be off again. Time wasn’t with them.


Cape City

By the time he had reached Cape City, night was almost gone, and daybreak was just around the corner. Sentry ignored the dispersion of the Ancients he commanded and headed straight to the Stoneguard, where the other Sentinels were staying. If he counted correctly, now that he had arrived, and counting the new addition Auron had just added, six Sentinels now resided there. Though he wouldn’t be around for long. He preferred the company on no one but himself usually. It wasn’t to say that he despised the other Sentinels, but more that he had no opinion of them to begin with. They were the same to him as an Ancient: a tool for the Silver Tribe to use as they saw fit. Besides, Sentry knew his strengths and teamwork certainly wasn’t one of them. All he had to do was notify the other of the new addition, the Sabeleye known as Snype, and be on his way. He hoped none of them would be awake, so that he could merely leave a note for them to read, and be done with it. But as he heard the raised voices originating from the mess hall, he knew it wasn’t meant to be.

Sentry sighed and proceeded there, immediately seeing Genevieve and Snype in the middle of a…‘discussion’. “Oh. Good. The two of you have met. Genevieve, this is Snype. Our newest Sentinel. Snype, this is Genevieve. I’m sure the two of you will enjoy working together…and so on and so forth. Do tell the others, will you? I should be goi-”

“What’s all this then?” Another voice came from the opposite entrance to the room, the slight echo of it reaching down the hallway as it reached Sentry’s ears. He let a deep sigh escape from his mouth, looking over to see the floating Castform of the Sentinels. Cedric “Deluge” Ceffyl. “Did the Sentinels decide to have a meeting and not invite me? I find that rather rude.”

“Genevieve. Sentry.” It’s been far too long. Has the war kept you busy?” The floating Pokemon then turned his form to the newcomer, an odd look on his face. “And who might you be? Not someone I know. Of that I am certain. I never forget a face.”

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