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Takumi Makkusu - A Very Unfortunate Situation

How am I gonna get out of here? Maybe if I find a bus or something! Do they have a schedule? I gotta get out of here! Oh, to make things worse, someone on fire entered my room. Do I have a roommate? Is he my roommate? I backed up to the wall with my mouth open but my teeth closed. My eyes were opened wide, so anybody could guess how I look.

The Youkai was on fire. He seems to be freaking out. I don't get it, but I am still scared right now. Here's what freaked me out more, the Youkai jumps through the window. I had dots as eyes. What the heck just happened? I look out the window down below, the Youkai wasn't on fire anymore. He didn't move either. Is he dead?

I quickly ran outside & stood over the body. I bend down on my knees & poke his ribs a few times. Still hot I see. I stood there for a while, then poke his ribs again. Maybe he is dead. Is that good? I'm terrified of monsters, but...

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