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Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
Ok, this is extremely urgent A-map seems to be malfunctioning along with 1.92.

So I was trying to port over my old tileset but when i do everything in the tileset became monocolored... :/

Yet, I've edited the pallete and when I checked the pallete editor the palletes are right but in a-map and in game the tiles are monocolored and I don't know why...

It's my first time inserting tiles again after a month but I don't think that's my problem because on a new ROM a clean FR rom I saved the tileset and tried to load it again but when it load it was monocolored and I don't know the reason behind that... :/

Here's a pic to show you guys what's happening.


I need help please without this to be fixed I can't contninue with my hack... :/
That happens when you complete these steps:
  • Save your tileset from A-Map and open it in Paint/ another image editor
  • Edit the palette that you were using in A-Map
  • Save your tileset with the new palette, overwriting the version you saved earlier
  • Make some changes to the original tileset that was opened in Paint and save it, once again overwriting the file that was just saved from A-Map (At this point you're overwriting a file that overwrote an earlier version of this file)
  • When you load this new tileset into A-Map it will display like what you've shown, with the final palette in the tileset overwriting all the colours except the transparent one (I think it can also overwrite the transparent colour if you changed it while editing the palette earlier)
You get this effect because Paint only saves the image and doesn't overwrite the assigned palette even if its different. When you edit the palette in A-Map and overwrite the file that is still in Paint then you're working with an outdated version of the tileset in terms of the palette if you don't reload/ reopen it so when you again overwrite that file it doesn't change the associated palette to what it was originally.

To get your tileset back to normal you need to have your final saved tileset which looks screwed up in A-Map but fine in Paint - If you deleted it in a fit of confusion or something happened to it then there's nothing you can do other than start again or use an earlier saved version from a back up. Anyway, you need to change your palette back to how it was when you started out with 100% accuracy, if you've got a .pal file of it then you should have no trouble with this. Save the messed up tileset in A-Map but title it something different than the standard 'TilesetXX' so you don't overwrite anything. Copy+Paste the tileset that looks okay in Paint but wrong in A-Map over this newly made tileset and save it. When you open it in A-Map then it should hopefully look back to normal.

Ugh, sorry that parts of this are poorly worded. I've had this happen one or two times so I know it can be really devastating if you don't know what to do ;_;