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Originally Posted by Thorsphen View Post
I am getting back into Pokemon after many years, not played since Sapphire and Ruby, I have ordered a 3DS and Black 2, what is a good starter Pokemon?

Also I forgot, how long is the leveling up process?
Here's my thoughts on each starter:

Snivy has terrible offenses and is built more for defensive roles. Unfortunately it struggles a lot in the early game due to so many Bug and Poison-types present for most of the early game.

Tepig is okay, but it doesn't learn many good moves until it reaches its final stage Emboar, when it gets Hammer Arm and Flamethrower and it's also the slowest of the bunch with low defenses but good HP.

Oshawott is the best of the bunch, since it has decent stats and learns moves at the right time, also unlike the other two, there are less Water-types it can compete with in the earlier parts of the game (i.e. not many other Pokemon that could replace it until later on) and it can run mixed attacking sets well.

My advice would probably choose Oshawott, but it's up to you.

Also, each starter evolves at Level 17 then again at Level 36.
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