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    Hi, so, I am about to start playing Pokemon again, however I am not sure in which order.

    I have played only Emerald and Sapphire, and I believe Leaf green too.

    I was thinking about playing it from the old generations to the new ones.
    So should I, for example, play Pokemon red/blue and then Yellow, or immediately skip to Yellow? The same goes for other gens, should I play silver or gold and then crystal or crystal immediately? (that goes for RS and Emerald too, and PD and Platinum)

    Another question, should I play Fire red/Leaf Green? If I am right, plots are pretty similar..ish? xD
    I mean, would the stuff that is the same make me stop playing or that better graphic and all other...differences(?) will make me keep playing?
    I know questions are rather subjective then objective, but still, I wanna know others opinion. :D

    So I guess my main question is, which games, and in which order should I play.
    All opinions are suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
    Also, not sure if I have put the thread in the right place, let me know.