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Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
I don't know if this is the place to say it, but I've been thinking of making a roleplay for the Game of Thrones series. Would anybody be interested in that?
I'm sure there's people who would be interested in that ^^ Aerion borrowed some stuff from GoT, after all.

Originally Posted by fortworth96 View Post
I think it's great, as long as the GM doesn't go and do everything perfectly in the RP just because they technically know what's supposed to happen. I find it useful to make a character really, cause then if the RPers are getting off track or simply seem like they are going to be wandering around in the wrong places for the rest of the RP, I can use my character to set them on the right track. True, NPCs can be useful for that too, but I believe having your own character makes it simpler. Besides, it's boring to just sit back and watch others enjoy the RP you made~
I agree with this, except for the last part; I find it really enjoyable to see other players take action in the world that I've created and nudge them along with NPCs and stuff 8D But often I think the RP I've made sounds so good that I can't resist creating a main character for myself too xD

Originally Posted by Eeveelution Co-ordinator View Post
Hello everyone, I thought I'd start a new RP, so I wonder what you guys think about the idea. Okay, it's set in Sinnoh, and you go around collecting ribbons from contests, but of course there may be a bit of action happening here and there. So, what do you think?
Sounds really fun! Don't think we've had a pure coordinator journey RP before.

Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post
And on the dark-ish bright side, I'll probably be a bit more active now, hopefully. Especially if I get a new laptop soon. For now I have some extra free time on my hands. Getting dumped can do that to you. >.> I'll try to work on my roleplays, namely Olyssian Daemons, a medieval magic x pokemon roleplay, and hopefully have that up within February.
It's not a dark thing that you're becoming more active ;D

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