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Hmm, machomuu's post with Mr Pokémon gives me ideas on what I might do with that NPC in the future... ;)

I've been thinking of something, btw. Since we're all posting in a mess here, being able to interact whenever we want and with the same NPCs, should we let the first RPer to encounter a NPC set the example of how that person should act?

Say, the first one of us to meet the master sage in the Sprout Tower makes him seem like a butterfly loving old man who only talks in rhymes. Should we make that canon and have all the players interacting with him later stay true to that first personality?

This would help making MAO's Johto feel like a place we are in together. Of course we'd have to try and not be too extreme when making NPC's personalities :P And always follow whatever guidelines I've put up in the area info post about a NPC.

Otherwise, like I think we've done now to some extent, we could just have the NPCs act in whatever way we like and disregard the other RPer's posts. But I think this is a RP where we should read each other's posts and try to figure out ways to have our paths intersect in direct or indirect ways and having our NPCs act the same would help.


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