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    This gallery has some priceless stuff, honestly. If I were to think of a reason as to why it hasn't gotten many comments, I can just come up with one - people were so awe-struck by the sheer amount of amazing stuff in here that they couldn't bring themselves to post anything more than "Wow, you are amazing". Your pixel and graphic art skills are top notch.

    If I had to pick favorites, I'd say the redemption icon and the one where there's a lone lady standing in the middle of nowhere are my favorites. Although I think the pixelated part in the latter serves as a distraction. As far as my opinion goes, the pixelated style works in the hayley icons but not in this one. Talking about the hayley icons, I think you went a little overboard with the saturation of reds. It is much more prominent in the first hayley icon (or the fifth icon from the first one) because of the fact that it hasn't got much going on - totally unlike the case with the two successive icons. Totally understand that empty space sometimes do wonders for tags but there's a little too much of it in here, imo. The placement just doesn't work for me. It works much better in the icon you made for moments (one beside redemption), for example. That has plenty of empty space as well but just doesn't look as awkward.

    As for your tags, I really love them. Most of them. Junkie's my fave because of the creative usage of the drinks and the text. I could never make a tag like it if my life depended on it, to be frank. Just that creative and good. The text in most of your other works is really well done as well - except, I feel, in the one which has 'definition: YyyY' or something. The style of text is alright but the box behind it just looks a little out of place. The color just doesn't fit the atmosphere of the tag, imo.

    But yeah, the para above made it sound as if I'm just a fan of junkie. Wash me away, Possess - Forget Clarity, the first and the seventh as well as the sinner tag look killer too. They're my favorite as well. Forget Clarity gets a special mention due to the amazing usage of colors. Just gorgeous. Quality of the stock is amazing too.

    Talking about updates, well, I like XY piece. Animation works for it. But there's a 'line' visible at the lower right corner. Might be due to it getting ignored while you probably took care of some layer masking and ended up in the final build. Or may just be intended. But yeah, whatever be the case, really liking it as well. Mostly due to how creative it is.
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