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What Wind Heart was saying about EXP gain is because, in 5th Generation the EXP gained is now calculated on the difference between your Pokemon's level and the opponent's. You necessarily gain more EXP against higher-level opponents.

There is an easy way to gain EXP, on any route with tall grass (except Route 19) you can find Audino in shaking patches of grass. Just run around when outside of the grass and then a patch will spawn and shake. Get into the shaking patch and you'll find a Pokemon, most of the time it is Audino, and they look like this:

Fight loads and loads of Audino and you'll gain massive EXP, this gets even easier once you get the Lucky Egg from Professor Juniper in Celestial Tower on Route 7. The Lucky Egg doubles the amount of EXP gained for the Pokemon that is holding it.
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